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It’s been hotter than our boys can handle at Boys Division Campus. Our air conditioning system was cutting edge and worked great for twenty years. But not so great for the last few years. We’ve needed expensive repairs and there were days that we had to cancel school because the boys found the heat unbearable. […]

LAPD Visit Today

LAPD officers visited the Boys Division today and spoke to the 11th and 12 grades about the dangers of driving under the influence. It was shocking and jarring to see the effects of driving under the influence. Thank you LAPD for sharing and taking the time to answer our questions. 

Warehouse Trip

The 11th and 12th grade boys had a chance to visit the Day to Day Imports warehouse and factory. They learned about logistics and the intricacies of running a 250,000 square foot warehouse and factory. It was an informative and educational trip, focused on business and viewing the world through the lens of religious businessmen […]

Color War Blues

Rabbi Stulberger declared war! Color war! The Blue Team represented Torah and the Red Team represented Tefilah. The Boys Division First Annual Color War started with a paint ball trip. There were sports competitions including a dunk contest and Tug-of-War. There was a Torah-Bowl, engineering & chemistry competitions, banner contest, cheers and a video contest. […]

Regents Scholarship Awardee

Matan Imanoel, VTHS class of 2019, was awarded with the prestigious UCLA Freshman Regents Scholarship. This year, 113,000 high school seniors applied for acceptance to UCLA. Only 100 of them were chosen to receive a UCLA Freshman Regents Scholarship. We are proud that Matan was chosen as one of the top 100 UCLA Freshmen. When […]

New Torah

We began using the new sefer Torah dedicated in memory of Mr. Sam Menlo, z”l. We will have a full gallery of pictures and videos from the Hachanssas sefer Torah soon. For now, enjoy these quick videos from yesterday’s amazing event.


Color Skin

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