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Dinner Coming Soon

This year, Valley Torah will be Honoring the Legacy of Sam Menlo, z”l, on November 20, 2018. Please show your hakoras hatov – appreciation – for Mr. Menlo’s amazing support of Jewish education, and to Valley Torah, by joining us at the Dinner. You can make reservations, place an ad, and find all the other […]

Dinner 2018 Announcement

This year’s Annual Scholarship Gala will be held on November 20 at the Hilton Universal City and will be honoring the legacy of Mr. Sam Menlo z”l and the Triumph of Spirit that his life represented. More information to follow.

Trustees Dinner 2018 Coming Soon

This year’s Trustees Dinner will be held on Monday, June 4. It will be held once again in the beautiful home of Michael & Sheryl Rosenberg. Invitation will be coming to your mailbox soon. Some highlights from last year (see all the pictures at this post):  


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