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In Case You Missed It

If you missed the live showing of our Virtual Awards Show, you can still watch the show here:


Virtual Dinner TONIGHT

The Virtual Dinner & Awards Show will begin at 7:00 PM (Pacific time). You will be able to watch it below.


Virtual Dinner THIS Sunday

Please join us this Sunday at 7:00 PM (Pacific time) at to watch our Virtual Dinner.


Message from Rabbi Stulberger

Please take, literally, one minute to watch this important message from Rabbi Stulberger.

Please visit for more information.


VTHS – Heroine of Caring

Briana (Beard) Bayar, RN (Class of ’05) will be honored as the Valley Torah Heroine of Caring at our Virtual Awards Show & Scholarship Gala.

Briana works in the COVID unit at Providence Saint Joseph Hospital. She directly cares for the patients that are on ventilators – or may soon go on one. Visitors are currently not allowed in the hospital, so Briana acts as family, friend and caretaker to her patients. She is all they have.

We are proud of the heroism and caring that Briana exemplifies to our community. We pray to Hashem to keep her safe and to be able to successfully treat her patients.

Please join us in showing our gratitude to Briana for the risks she takes on our behalf by placing a personal ad in our Awards Show Journal

Visit to place an ad and for more information.


Get Ready to #CelebrateOurHeroes


Moshe Storch Filming

Moshe Storch visited the school to film a segment for our Virtual Awards Show & Annual Scholarship Gala.



Valley Torah Heroes of Healing

Dr. Babak Hakimisefat (class of ’94) and Dr. Behzad Soufer (class of ’00) will be honored as Heroes of Healing at our Virtual Awards Show & Scholarship Gala.

Dr. Hakimisefat & Dr. Soufer continue to work in Saint Joseph hospital on the frontlines of the COVID response. They heroically risked their lives on a daily basis to save the lives of countless patients.

Even if you were not hospitalized with COVID, you still directly benefited from the dedication of this two special healers. They lead the COVID planning and response of Valley Torah, Emek and other local Jewish schools. Their advice and guidance is keeping our community healthy. May Hashem grant them much success in their vital work – our lives depend on it.

Please join us in showing our gratitude to Babak and Behzad for the risks they take on our behalf by placing a personal ad in our Awards Show Journal

Visit to place an ad and for more information.


Rabbi & Mrs. Biron – Heroes of Jewish Education

Rabbi Biron’s warm smile sums it all up. His care for every student, and his Torah erudition, has been a constant here at Valley Torah for more than three decades. Every student and every alumnus benefit from Rabbi & Mrs. Biron’s example of how to live a Torah life.

This year, Valley Torah High School is awarding Rabbi Asher  & Chani Biron with the Heroes of  Jewish Education Award at our Virtual Awards Show & Scholarship Gala.

Please join with us in showing Rabbi & Mrs. Biron your gratitude for their decades of caring by placing a personal ad in our Awards Show Journal

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Introducing our Honorees

Rabbi Asher & Chani Biron – Heroes of Jewish Education

Rabbi & Mrs. Biron have been at the forefront of Jewish education for nearly forty years. They have created an indelible impact on two generations of Valley Torah students and helped change the face of the Los Angeles Jewish community.

Dr. Babak Hakimisefat (Class of ’94) & Dr. Behzad Soufer (Class of ’00) –Heroes of Healing

Alumni of Valley Torah and active community members, they are on the frontlines of the COVID response. In addition to treating their patients, they crafted the reopening plans for many of our community schools. Their cell phones constantly ring with COVID-care questions from the entire LA area.

Briana (Beard) Bayar, RN (Class of ’05) – Heroine of Caring

A VTHS Graduate, Briana is a nurse directly interacting with COVID patients at great risk to her life. Her caring, compassion and great skill put all of her patients – and their families – at ease.

Please visit for more information and to place an ad in the Dinner Journal.


Celebrating Our Heroes

This year’s Annual Scholarship Dinner will be a totally different experience.

It will be a virtual awards show, “Celebrating Our Heroes.” We will bring the red carpet to your living room and it will be 100% COVID safe.

Watch your email for more information.


Virtual Dinner 2019

Whether you missed the Valley Torah Annual Dinner, or whether you attended, you will want to stop in at our Virtual Dinner. At our Virtual Dinner website, you will be able to experience the camaraderie, the excitement, the deep emotions and the kiddush Hashem, with just the click of a mouse. See all the videos and pictures from the Dinner right now at


Alumni Video 2019

Three Valley Torah alumni (David Coronel, Elan Javanfard and Natalie Hirschel) share their stories of how they gained their Passion for Greatness. This video shown at the VTHS Annual Dinner 2019.


Dinner 2019 Photos

At this year’s Valley Torah Annual Scholarship Dinner, nearly 500 supporters were treated to a visually stunning evening of inspiration, friendship and fun.


Charlie Harary at VTHS Dinner

Charlie Harary gave a moving and emotional address to the nearly 500 people at the Valley Torah High School Dinner