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Kinus Teshuva 5780

The entire community is getting together tonight (Monday) to focus on growth and teshuva. Please join with us for a Kinus Teshuva at the home of Ben & Sandra R’bibo (6127 Rhodes Ave, No. Hollywood) at 7:30 PM. Rabbi Mordechai Shifman, Rabbi Avrohom Stulberger and Rabbi Ari Bensoussan will be speaking. If you will not […]

Meet and Greet BBQ

The Boys Division Parents Meet & Greet BBQ was a relaxed,  entertaining and fun way for the parents and staff to get to know each other. The food was tasty, Rabbi Stulberger’s words penetrated the heart, and Rabbi Biron led a fast-paced game show.

#StandTogether for $600K Next Week

Next Wednesday (5/29), we will be kicking off a $600,000 Charidy Campaign. All donations will be doubled ($100=$200). It will be all or nothing – if we don’t meet our goal in 36 hours, we won’t get a penny. You can check out the page at Please spread the word! PS If you use […]

Literary Dessert Reception

Shaul Lent (VTHS Class of ’05) recently published a book telling the amazing story of his grandfather’s survival during World War II. Valley Torah is very proud of Shaul’s accomplishment and his book, “Faith From the Depths of Kovno.” You are invited to a dessert reception this Sunday where you can meet Shaul and hear […]

Tearful Return

One of our alumni was in the Chabad of Poway when the shooting took place. He returned to Valley Torah today to say Birchas HaGomel. Dr. Allen Ardestani (’97) was visiting his family in Poway for Pesach when the shots rang out. He returned to Los Angeles and joined our minyan today. Tears were flowing […]

New Torah

We began using the new sefer Torah dedicated in memory of Mr. Sam Menlo, z”l. We will have a full gallery of pictures and videos from the Hachanssas sefer Torah soon. For now, enjoy these quick videos from yesterday’s amazing event.

Hachnassas Sefer Torah

  To recognize the amazing work of Mr. Sam Menlo, ז״ל, and his family, יבל״ח, Valley Torah commissioned a beautiful new sefer Torah in Mr. Menlo’s memory. This Torah will be completed on Sunday, March 31. Please join together with the rest of the Valley Torah community and dedicate a pasuk, a word, or any other […]

Dedications for New Sefer Torah

You have the opportunity to become part of Valley Torah history. For the first time ever, Valley Torah is writing a new sefer Torah – and we want you to participate in its writing. The new Torah is dedicated in the memory of Mr. Sam Menlo, z”l. Mr. Menlo stood up to ensure that there […]

Lev Stark – Our New Executive Director

We are thrilled to announce that Mr. Lev Stark will be joining Valley Torah High School as our new Executive Director. Lev will be overseeing and upgrading our business office with a focus on improving customer service. In addition, Lev will be joining our fundraising team and using his experience and expertise in marketing to expand and […]


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