Our Alumni in Tampa

Last year, three of our alumni founded the Tampa Torah Center. Rabbis Yirmiyahu Rubenstein (’09), Yossef Stulberger (’09) and Ariel Wohlfarth (’07) started a day school, kollel and kiruv organization in Tampa, Florida. There were many jews in Tampa, but hardly any Jewish infrastructure. Their bet on a new community paid off. The school’s enrollmentContinue reading “Our Alumni in Tampa”

Rabbi Stulberger Israel Trip Itinerary 2023

Rabbi Stulberger will be arriving in Israel on Thursday, January 19th. Here is his itinerary while he is in Israel. Note: Parents of alumni are welcome to join either alumni dinner, please RSVP. Rabbi Stulberger will be speaking at many Yeshivos and Seminaries during his stay. He can be reached at 818-398-6277. We are lookingContinue reading “Rabbi Stulberger Israel Trip Itinerary 2023”

Alumni Starting Yeshiva and Kollel

Here is one story of our alumni making an enormous impact on the Jewish Community. Three of our alumni, Rabbi Yirmiyahu Rubenstein (’09), Rabbi Yossef Stulberger (’09) and Rabbi Ariel Wohlfarth (’07) are opening a Yeshiva Day School and Kollel in Tampa, Florida. Tampa has a large unaffiliated Jewish community with no Torah infrastructure atContinue reading “Alumni Starting Yeshiva and Kollel”