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Rabbi Harris Visits

Rabbi Dovid Harris, Rosh HaYeshiva of Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim, spent Shabbos with us. He visited Valley Torah, met with our rebbeim and spoke at a Kinus Teshuva at the home of Steve & Sue Darrison.


Yarchei Kalla 2020

There will be a Yarchei Kalla (learning for men) held during the Thanksgiving Holiday. Davening, breakfast and classes will be held in our outdoor tent. All classes also be available on Zoom (Meeting ID: 977 9176 5373)


VTHS – Heroine of Caring

Briana (Beard) Bayar, RN (Class of ’05) will be honored as the Valley Torah Heroine of Caring at our Virtual Awards Show & Scholarship Gala.

Briana works in the COVID unit at Providence Saint Joseph Hospital. She directly cares for the patients that are on ventilators – or may soon go on one. Visitors are currently not allowed in the hospital, so Briana acts as family, friend and caretaker to her patients. She is all they have.

We are proud of the heroism and caring that Briana exemplifies to our community. We pray to Hashem to keep her safe and to be able to successfully treat her patients.

Please join us in showing our gratitude to Briana for the risks she takes on our behalf by placing a personal ad in our Awards Show Journal

Visit to place an ad and for more information.


Valley Torah Heroes of Healing

Dr. Babak Hakimisefat (class of ’94) and Dr. Behzad Soufer (class of ’00) will be honored as Heroes of Healing at our Virtual Awards Show & Scholarship Gala.

Dr. Hakimisefat & Dr. Soufer continue to work in Saint Joseph hospital on the frontlines of the COVID response. They heroically risked their lives on a daily basis to save the lives of countless patients.

Even if you were not hospitalized with COVID, you still directly benefited from the dedication of this two special healers. They lead the COVID planning and response of Valley Torah, Emek and other local Jewish schools. Their advice and guidance is keeping our community healthy. May Hashem grant them much success in their vital work – our lives depend on it.

Please join us in showing our gratitude to Babak and Behzad for the risks they take on our behalf by placing a personal ad in our Awards Show Journal

Visit to place an ad and for more information.


Introducing our Honorees

Rabbi Asher & Chani Biron – Heroes of Jewish Education

Rabbi & Mrs. Biron have been at the forefront of Jewish education for nearly forty years. They have created an indelible impact on two generations of Valley Torah students and helped change the face of the Los Angeles Jewish community.

Dr. Babak Hakimisefat (Class of ’94) & Dr. Behzad Soufer (Class of ’00) –Heroes of Healing

Alumni of Valley Torah and active community members, they are on the frontlines of the COVID response. In addition to treating their patients, they crafted the reopening plans for many of our community schools. Their cell phones constantly ring with COVID-care questions from the entire LA area.

Briana (Beard) Bayar, RN (Class of ’05) – Heroine of Caring

A VTHS Graduate, Briana is a nurse directly interacting with COVID patients at great risk to her life. Her caring, compassion and great skill put all of her patients – and their families – at ease.

Please visit for more information and to place an ad in the Dinner Journal.


Ryan Turell on Aish.TV

Aish featured VTHS alumnus, Ryan Turell in a segment entitled, Jews in Sports.


Important Message from Alumnus

Here is an important message from Rabbi Noach Light, a rabbi in Boca Raton and a Valley Torah alumnus.


Pre-Shavuos Learning

Many of us will not be able to stay up all night learning this Shavuos. We have prepared an all-star lineup of shiurim – for men and for women – for tonight starting at 7:30 PM (Pacific) and going until 11:00. See both schedules below.


Legal Holiday Learning

Join a very interesting shiur by Rabbi Grama about the Six Day War and be inspired by Rabbi Stulberger to prepare for Shavuos on Monday starting at 9:30. Zoom ID: 944 5047 2952


Nightly Shiur for Alumni

There is an amazing opportunity for our alumni and friends back from yeshiva in Israel: Rabbi Davidowitz will be giving a nightly (8:00 – 9:00) Zoom shiur in Gemara and Halacha. Join the shiur at Zoom ID: 9442 818 5073


Divrei Chizuk

We could all use some chizuk – spiritual strengthening – at this difficult time. Please join Rabbi Stulberger, Rabbi Shaya Cohen and Rabb Binyomin Luban this Sunday Evening.


Pre-Pesach Zoom Yarchei Kallah

Prepare for Pesach with Rabbi Stulberger and other Valley Torah rebbeim.

Join us for a remote Yarchei Kallah with six sessions starting tomorrow through Monday.


“I am Black and I am Beautiful” – Insights Into Shir HaShirim

Given By Rabbi Zev Rauch at 7:00 PM (Pacific) –

Afikomen: Revealing the Geula

Given By Rabbi Daniel Grama at 8:00 PM (Pacific) –


Laws of the Seder (Based on the Mishna Berura) – Part I

Given By Rabbi Avrohom Stulberger at 7:00 PM (Pacific) –

Overview of the Laws of Chol Hamoed

Given By Rabbi Asher Biron at 8:00 PM (Pacific) –


Laws of the Seder (Based on the Mishna Berura) – Part II

Given By Rabbi Avrohom Stulberger at 7:00 PM (Pacific) –

Reliving Yetzias Mitzrayim

Given By Rabbi Chaim Davidowitz at 8:00 PM (Pacific) –

This series is sponsored by:

  • Mr. & Mrs. Joel Bess
  • Rabbi & Mrs. Avrohom Stulberger
  • In memory of Sara Yehudis bas Miriam, a”h
  • In the z’chus of refuah shelaimah for Avraham Meir Moshe Ben Miriam

Alumni Zoom Reunion

Our first Zoom Reunion was AWESOME! Over 40 people in the room at any time. Many people came for a while and left. About 100 alumni participated. By Popular demand, we will be doing another very soon.

We recorded it. You can watch below.


Boys Israel Shabbaton


Visiting Girls Alumnae in Israel