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VT Alum at Supreme Court


Valley Torah Alumnus, Moshe Gano with Supreme Court Justice, Elena Kagan, at a Torah writing at the Supreme Court.


#StandTogether for $600K Next Week

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Next Wednesday (5/29), we will be kicking off a $600,000 Charidy Campaign. All donations will be doubled ($100=$200). It will be all or nothing – if we don’t meet our goal in 36 hours, we won’t get a penny.

You can check out the page at

Please spread the word!

PS If you use Facebook, please visit the the #StandTogether Event Page. Please “share” it and click on “going.”


Literary Dessert Reception

Shaul Lent (VTHS Class of ’05) recently published a book telling the amazing story of his grandfather’s survival during World War II. Valley Torah is very proud of Shaul’s accomplishment and his book, “Faith From the Depths of Kovno.”

You are invited to a dessert reception this Sunday where you can meet Shaul and hear more about his grandfather’s story. See below for more information.



Welcome Lev!

Today was Lev Stark’s first day as our new Executive Director (his last tour of duty here was as a student). Welcome back!


Tearful Return


One of our alumni was in the Chabad of Poway when the shooting took place. He returned to Valley Torah today to say Birchas HaGomel.

Dr. Allen Ardestani (’97) was visiting his family in Poway for Pesach when the shots rang out. He returned to Los Angeles and joined our minyan today. Tears were flowing as he received an aliyah and said Birchas HaGomel. After davening, Dr. Ardestani shared is harrowing story with the boys. He showed them how Hashem orchestrated many small “coincidences” to keep him and his family safe.


New Torah

We began using the new sefer Torah dedicated in memory of Mr. Sam Menlo, z”l.

We will have a full gallery of pictures and videos from the Hachanssas sefer Torah soon. For now, enjoy these quick videos from yesterday’s amazing event.


Hachnassas Sefer Torah


To recognize the amazing work of Mr. Sam Menlo, ז״ל, and his family, יבל״ח, Valley Torah commissioned a beautiful new sefer Torah in Mr. Menlo’s memory. This Torah will be completed on Sunday, March 31.

Please join together with the rest of the Valley Torah community and dedicate a pasuk, a word, or any other section of this special Torah at

If you are able to, you can fill in an actual letter in this Torah. You have two opportunities:

  • On March 31 we will have a Torah celebration in the city at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Menlo. From 10:00 AM until 11:00, our sofer, Rabbi Shimon Kraft, will be helping everyone that dedicated a section to fill-in a letter.
  • Later in the day, at 1:30 PM, Rabbi Kraft will continue filling in the letters at the Valley Torah High School Boys Division campus (12517 Chandler Blvd.). At 2:30 the Hachnasas sefer Torah will begin as we dance the Torah into our beis medrash.

Please join us in the City or the Valley – or at both locations (refreshments will be served). We are looking forward to seeing you.



Dedications for New Sefer Torah

Torah ad small

You have the opportunity to become part of Valley Torah history. For the first time ever, Valley Torah is writing a new sefer Torah – and we want you to participate in its writing.

The new Torah is dedicated in the memory of Mr. Sam Menlo, z”l. Mr. Menlo stood up to ensure that there will be a Jewish future for our children. By participating in this Torah, you will also secure a Jewish education for our students. You can dedicate a parsha, sentence or word in our new sefer Torah.

By taking part in this unique mitzvah of writing a sefer Torah and supporting our students, you will also be showing your appreciation for Sam Menlo and his dedication to rebuilding Torah after the devastation of the destruction of European Jewry.

Please take a moment right now to visit our Menlo Torah site and and review your dedication opportunities. Please choose the most generous option possible.



Rookie of the Year

Ryan Turell (’18) has won the NCAA III Rookie of the Year award while playing on for YU!


Pre-Purim Generations Learning

Students, fathers, grandfathers and rebbeim gathered together for breakfast and learning today in our beis medrash for our Pre-Purim Generations Learning program.


Lev Stark – Our New Executive Director

image1We are thrilled to announce that Mr. Lev Stark will be joining Valley Torah High School as our new Executive Director. Lev will be overseeing and upgrading our business office with a focus on improving customer service. In addition, Lev will be joining our fundraising team and using his experience and expertise in marketing to expand and enhance our community presence. We look forward to his start at Valley Torah after Pesach.

Mr. Stark is no stranger to Valley Torah. In fact, Lev is a graduate of the Valley Torah class of 1989. In addition, Lev and his wife, Amy,  have been parents at our school for the last five years.

Lev is currently the Executive Director of Yavneh Hebrew Academy. Since joining the management team of Yavneh, he has played an integral role in many enhancements to the school’s operations as well as its marketing strategy.

The Valley Torah community looks forward to Lev joining us in May, and we are confident that he will contribute greatly to the continued growth of the school.


Baltimore Alumni Shabbaton

Rabbi Stulberger was in Baltimore for an alumni Shabbaton. Here are some pictures from the Melave Malka. Thank you Mrs. Jackie Ariel for arranging this wonderful weekend.




Late Night Mishmar

As part of our #DayOfLearning, over 30 students, alumni and friends joined us for a late night mishmar. The learning – and the chulent – was enjoyed by all.



Girls Division Israel Dinner

Alumnae from all over Israel attend the Reunion Dinner with Rabbi & Mrs. Stulberger.


Boys Alumni Israel Dinner

There was a big turnout for the Boys Division Alumni Dinner in Israel. (There are a few yeshiva visit pictures in here too.)