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Success!! You’re Outstanding

We raised $606,556 for our students!! 939 donors participated (there were 12,789 views of the campaign page). Thank you one and all for your participation!! You’re outstanding.

T3 FB Post - 100%.png


100%!! Bonus Round Anyone?

T3 FB Post - Bonus.png

We reached our goal!! Now let’s surpass it.

Thank you for helping us raise $600,000 for a life-changing Jewish education!

Now let’s try for $50,000 more.


75% There – Standing Room Only

T3 FB Post - 75%

We are almost there! Please join our other donors and push us over the top. #StandTogether at


Morning Update

We are doing well, but we still need considerable help to be able to reach our goal.

Donate at: Spread the word to all your friends.


#StandTogether Tomorrow for $600K

T3 FB Post - 24 Hours

Check back tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9:00 AM when we kick off our campaign to raise $600,000 in 36 hours. Every dollar will be matched. It’s all or nothing – if we don’t raise $600,000 by Thursday evening, we won’t get a penny.

#StandTogether with us tomorrow!


#StandTogether for $600K Next Week

T3 FB Post - One Week.png

Next Wednesday (5/29), we will be kicking off a $600,000 Charidy Campaign. All donations will be doubled ($100=$200). It will be all or nothing – if we don’t meet our goal in 36 hours, we won’t get a penny.

You can check out the page at

Please spread the word!

PS If you use Facebook, please visit the the #StandTogether Event Page. Please “share” it and click on “going.”


Thank You 1 Million Times Over

We would like to thank everyone who made our #GoBeyond campaign a success. Thank you to everyone who generously donated, and to all staff and volunteers that ran the show. A special thanks goes to are students that worked so hard in our Operations Rooms to get us to our goal.


We Did It!

Valley Torah Social Media-07

Thank you to all our supporters! You can see all the donors at

Let’s not rest on our laurels. There is still a bonus round. We want to try to reach $1.4M. Every dollar is still matched 4X.

Visit now. Help us #GoBeyond again!


Let’s Finish This Off


75% There!

Valley Torah Social Media-06.jpg

We are so close – but we still need that last 25% more. Please #GoBeyond for us. Use this link wisely:


Halfway to our Goal

Valley Torah Social Media-05.jpg

We are halfway home – to the credit of our students that have been calling all afternoon. Or, as a pessimist might point out, we are still 50% away from our goal. Visit to push us closer to the goal.


Quarter of the Way There!

Valley Torah Social Media-04.jpg

There is still a long way to go to reach our goal. Please give generously, and spread the word: #GoBeyond at (You might also want to check out the website to see the list of donors – how would you feel if all your friends already gave and you didn’t?)


What is #GoBeyond?

Right now, you are probably asking yourself: “I see this #GoBeyond tag everywhere, what does it mean?”

You can watch Rabbi Stulberger explain it to you below (it takes less than a minute and a half):

All the details – and how YOU can #GoBeyond also – are at


$1M Charidy Campaign – LIVE NOW

Valley Torah Social Media-03.jpg

Our $1M Charidy #GoBeyond campaign is live NOW!

It is an all or nothing campaign (if we don’t raise the $1M in 24 hours, we don’t get a penny). And every donation is matched 4X ($10 = $40). We are really going to need your help to make this happen.

Please open the campaign page at and give generously (remember, your donation is matched 4X).

Also, please spread the the word and get YOUR friends excited to #GoBeyond. Share the link: on your social media accounts, WhatsApp groups, email or text.

Thank you for your help!


#GoBeyond Tomorrow and Go Big

Valley Torah Social Media-02.jpg

Tomorrow, Tuesday March 6th at noon, our $1M Charidy #GoBeyond campaign goes live! It is an all or nothing campaign (if we don’t raise the $1M in 24 hours, we don’t get a penny). And every donation is matched 4X ($10 = $40). We are really going to need your help to make this happen.

You can preview the campaign page at

We can use your help in three ways:

Visit our Facebook Event and let us know that we can count on you.
Plan on spending some time in our operations room that Tuesday evening. There will be lots of food and fun – and you can help us the most by being there. Click here to sign up & volunteer!
Just start spreading the word and getting YOUR friends excited and ready to #GoBeyond.