At Valley Torah, students create special relationships with people that have faith in them; People that have a clear vision of their genuine capabilities. These exceptional relationships are built upon shared unique experiences.

Our Latest News….


Everyone left inspired from our Pre-Yom Kippur Kumzits at the Baer’s beautiful backyard.

Winning Designs

The talented artists in Hedy Harris’ Girls Division art class nearly swept the competition once again. VTHS Girls won 10 out of the 18 awards in their grade level in the Graceful Envelope Competition sponsored by the Washington Calligraphers Guild. The 2023 theme, “Fan Mail,” resonated with artists of all ages anxious to capture the…

The Power of Hafrashas Challah

As a kickoff to our Senior Life Skills program we were so fortunate to have Mrs. Jaroslawitz come and share with us the tremendous power of hafrashas challah and tefila during that time. Each senior received 5 lbs of dough and each girl was mafrish challah with a bracha and everyone answered amen. 1225 amens!…

Welcome Back!

The Stuco ’24 Welcome Back party was a blast! We soaked up the sun with our water slide and pool fun — we tie dyed shoe laces too!

Girls Leadership Lunch 2023

We discussed the first practice of exemplary leadership: Model the Way. Each committee established their individual core values and then established their values as a group. They then designed a canvas with the values they hope to live by in their new positions. A few ideas we discussed: #leadershipisarelationship #leadershipmakesadifference


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