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Auction 2019 Pictures


Auction 2019 Winners

Congratulations to all the winners!

Package Winner
Prize 1: Cash Avrami Striks
Prize 2: Fly Away Rabbi Moshe Segal
Prize 3: MacBook Pro Isaac Gorbati
Prize 4: WorldMark Cindy Tocci
Prize 5: Disneyland Sandra R’bibo
Prize 6: iMac David Ash
Prize 7: Your Teams Charlie Rosenberg
Prize 8: STAM Lori Moore
Prize 9: To Life Avraham Bak
Prize 10: Costco Avraham Bak
Prize 11: iPhone Xs Moshe Striks
Prize 12: Kitchen Aid Rabbi Yisroel Semmel
Prize 13: On Target Lori Moore
Prize 14: iPad Pro Dr Adam Freedman
Prize 15: Anaheim Adventure Efraim Feigelstock
Prize 16: Sheitel David ash
Prize 17: Loud & Clear Moshe Nafisi
Prize 18: Judaica Moshe Nafisi
Prize 19: DSLR Hillel Kamiionski
Prize 20: On Time Lori Moore
Prize 21: Cyclone Avraham and Ayala Levi
Prize 22: Oxnard Lori Moore
Prize 23: Ipad Eli Solomon
Prize 24: Amazon Noah Rubenstein
Prize 25 :Universal Melissa Oppenheimer
Prize 26: Best Buy Elan Javanfard
Prize 27: Listen Up David Ash
Prize 28: Restaurants Gary Pietruszka
Prize 29: Virtual Quest Tzipora Schoen
Prize 30: Macys Mark Sobel
Prize 31: Shell Yefat Dimant
Prize 32: KitchenAid Moshe Nafisi
Prize 33: BB&B Dr. Adam Friedman
Prize 34: PS4 Gary Pietruszka
Prize 35: Play Time David Ash
Prize 36: Switch Chaim Stulberger
Prize 37: Stock Up Jan Moore
Prize 38: Wake Up Dr Adam Freedman
Prize 39: Fire it Up! Gary Pietruszka
Prize 40: Ring Ring… Dr Adam Freedman

Shabbos Parashas Vaeschanan

Shabbos Parashas Vaeschanan 5779.jpg


Tisha b’Av Schedule 5779

Tisha b'av Schedule 5779.jpg


Shabbos Matos-Masaei

Shabbos Parashas Matos-Masei 5779.jpg


Get Ready for VTHS Dinner 2019

Hold the date flyer


Shabbos Parashas Pinchas

Shabbos Parashas Pinchas 5779.jpg


Shabbos Parashas Balak

Shabbos Parashas Balak 5779.jpg


VTHS Auction 2019 LIVE

The Valley Torah Auction 2019 is now live! The Auction will be held in the Chandler Campus Sports Court on August 18. There are amazing prizes that you can win: Ten tickets to Disneyland, a MacBook Pro, vacations, shopping sprees, and much more.

This year, we have made winning these great prizes even easier for you. Now you can enter online at the Valley Torah Auction Website. The Auction Booklet and old-fashioned paper order form will be available soon.

Auction cover 2019.jpg



Shabbos Parashas Chukas

Shabbos Parashas Chukas 5779.jpg


Shabbos Parashas Korach

Shabbos Parashas Korach 5779.jpg



It’s been hotter than our boys can handle at Boys Division Campus.
Our air conditioning system was cutting edge and worked great for twenty years. But not so great for the last few years. We’ve needed expensive repairs and there were days that we had to cancel school because the boys found the heat unbearable.
Our experts have decided that it is time to replace the system. The plans are complete and the contractor is ready to start. But, we can’t start without all the funds in hand. We have raised over $200,000 for this project. We need $50,000 more to keep our boys cool.
By donating to #KeepUsCool, you will get a share in all the Torah studied by our boys (for at least another twenty years). You will also make it possible for them to study math, English and all the “cool” stuff they do in the second half of the day.
Please take a moment to visit our #KeepUsCool donation site and donate generously to make sure that our boys can have school every day this year.

Shabbos Parashas Shelach

Shabbos Parashas Shelach 5779.jpg


Girls Calendar 2019-2020

Calendar - Girls 19-20


Boys Calendar 2019-2020

Calendar - boys 19-20.jpg