Valley Torah is passionately dedicated to inspiring deep, caring relationships that encourage a true love of learning, leadership and Judaism. Our rebbeim and teachers focus on the social, emotional, religious and academic needs of each student, adapting curricula and lessons to maximize your child’s chance of success.

Our rigorous, globally-inspired dual yeshiva and college preparatory curriculum readies students for all challenges – both in and out of the classroom. The educational experience is further enriched by the myriad of co-curricular programs found here. Students fortify their identities as independent young men through athletics, self-guided projects, mishmar, service learning, onegs, in-depth intraterm classes, shabbatonim, educational trips, or our wide array of clubs. At Valley Torah each student can create a learning experience that is uniquely theirs while building a strong sense of community, leadership and brotherhood together.

Rebbeim and General Studies faculty guide students in confronting problems and setting positive, proactive examples — challenging students to be their best in their studies and in every aspect of their lives. Through celebrating individual achievements and supporting each other’s struggles we have established a caring community of engaged learners that supports the greatness in one through the strength of many.

Few other schools are so supportive. Very few other schools offer the independence, small class size, invested faculty and welcoming community found at Valley Torah. On the shoulders of many, each individual can stand tall and learn more on their way to building a Legacy of Leadership.

Boys Division News:


Everyone left inspired from our Pre-Yom Kippur Kumzits at the Baer’s beautiful backyard.

BTSB & BBQ 2023 Video

Here is a video highlight reel of today’s Back to School Bash & BBQ.

Back to School Bash 2023

This year’s bash added a Slam Dunk Contest. See for yourself below.

Alumni Mishmar

All Boys Division Alumni are invited to join us for Mishmar this Thursday (Rosh Chodesh Elul – August 17). Maariv will begin at 9:00, Rabbi Stulberger will give a vaad at 9:15. Sushi and chulent to follow.

Memorial for Rabbi Aaron Parry, z”l

Rabbi Aaron Parry, ז״ל, was a teacher and close friend to so many in Los Angeles and abroad. He was on the staff of Valley Torah for years and many of his children are VTHS alumni. We have rescheduled the Hazkarah – Memorial Program – for this Tuesday to remember and honor his memory. Please…

Creativity Experience

Valley Torah Boys Division is excited to continue our Annual Boys 8th grade Creativity Experience! The program will include engaging Torah learning, exciting creative activities, prizes and sports . For two days – Monday and Tuesday August 21-22, your son is invited to join us free of charge! Register now.


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