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Simchas Beis HaShoaiva

The Annual Simchas Beis HaShoaiva will be held on the Thursday of Chol Hamoed. All students and alumni of the Boys Division are invited for dancing, pizza and more.


Chessed Operations

The VTHS Boys helped deliver food packages for yom tov.


Back to School BBQ

The Boys Division took a trip the the park and came to campus to enjoy a Back to School BBQ.


VTHS Yarmulke on Northwestern BB Team

“Of all the walk-ons who will play Division I basketball next season, none is more likely to become an instant campus cult hero than the 6-10 yarmulke-wearing freshman Northwestern just added to its roster.”

“Aaron Liberman attended an 86-student Jewish high school near Los Angeles with no basketball gym on campus. He passed up interest from USC, Boston College and several mid-majors to be part of the Northwestern program. And his highlight videos feature so many dunks and blocked shots…”

Read the rest of this article on Yahoo Sports.


School Calendars

The school calendars for the 2012-2013 are now available:

Boys Division Calendar

Girls Division Calendar


Boys Division Honor Role

VTHS Boys Division Secular Studies Honor Roll (Spring 2012)

High Honors: (4.0—-3.50 GPA)

  • Jacob Stone                                                4.58
  • Elan Perchik                                                4.37
  • Michael Kawas                                    4.36
  • Benjamin Kiaei                                    4.36
  • Avraham Barkhordar                        4.23
  • Jacob Gurstein                                    4.16
  • Roben Ohev Shalom                        4.13
  • Ariel Rahimi                                                4.10
  • Eytan Darrison                                    4.06
  • Michael Judah                                    4.04
  • 12.Aaron Barkhordar                                    4.02
  • 13.Daniel Mishail                                    3.96
  • 14.Yacov Kopel                                                3.92
  • 15.Samuel Leibowitz                                    3.92
  • 16.Yehoshua Scharf                                    3.90
  • 17.Nathaniel Liberman                        3.85
  • 18. Dovy Raskin                                                3.83
  • 19. Tal Shemen                                                3.82
  • 20. Noach Sragow                                    3.82
  • 21.  Brian Saedian                                    3.80
  • 22. Nadav Davis                                    3.62
  • 23. Julian Gershon                                    3.62
  • 24. Jack Turell                                                3.56
  • 25. Shayan Shamtoob                                    3.56
  • 26. Noam Nutkiewicz                                    3.54
  •  27.Maor Ben-Haroch                                    3.50

Honors (3.49—3.00)

  • Jake Stibelman               3.48
  •  Yitzchak Shapiro                                    3.46
  •  Jeremy Makabi                                    3.43
  •  Joanthan Arashebn                        3.42
  •  Samuel Forman                                    3.40
  •  David Naimi                                                3.38
  •  Evan Jacobi                                                3.32
  •  Moshe Cohen                                    3.26
  •  Simcha Menlo                                    3.25
  •  Shaya Escovitz                                    3.22
  • 10. Nathan Feldman                                    3.21
  • 11. Gedaliah Bloch                                    3.16
  • 12. Benjamin Israel                                    3.15
  • 13. Yosef Sassoon                                    3.15
  • 14. Aviel De Castro                                    3.12
  • 15. Raphael Raboy                                    3.12
  • 16. Raphael Flicker                                    3.08
  • 17. Aron Silverman                                    3.06
  • 18. Benyamin Soleymani                        3.05
  • 19. Moshe Shapiro                                    3.02

Late Night Mishmar & Sushi

You are invited to a Late Night Mishmar & Sushi tonight (Thursday) at the VTHS Boys Campus From 9:30 PM – 11:00 PM. Rabbi Stulberger will be giving a vaad at 10:00 PM.
Hope to see you there.
See who is coming and respond to the Facebook Event page.

Yosemite Wrap-Up

Everyone had a great time in Yosemite from the start to the finish. Many of the pictures can be seen in past blog posts. If you want to see ALL the pictures (and be able to download hi-res versions to print), visit the VTHS Online Photo Album.


Back Home Again

The Boys Division returned home today in the afternoon after stopping in Bakersfield for some bowling.

The boys deserve kudos for their behavior on one of the best trips VTHS ever had!

Below are pictures of yesterday’s white-water rafting.


Yosemite Day 2

We hiked the Mist Trail to the top of Vernal Falls. The boys returned from the hike and are now white-water rafting.

Ever wonder why it is called “Mist Trail”? See the pictures below.


First Day in Yosemite

We are safe and sound in Cedar Lodge Hotel just outside Yosemite. We made a quick tour of the Valley and are scheduled for the Mist Trail and white-water rafting tomorrow.

Parents: don’t worry about yours kids, there is no cellphone reception here.

Here are just a few of the pictures. More pictures (and higher resolution ones) will be uploaded when we get better connectivity.


Lunch Stop

Half way to Yosemite. Next stop: Glacier Point.




On The Road

8:35 – we just left the school for Yosemite.



Yosemite Trip Coming This Sunday

The VTHS Boys Division will be on a Weekaton to Yosemite this Sunday to Tuesday we will be having live blogging throughout to keep you posted on every step of the way. The schedule is below.



First Playoff Game

The VTHS Boys Baseball Team will be playing Trona in their first playoff game on Tuesday, May 15. The game will begin at 6:00 PM and will be at East Valley High School.