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New Aron Kodesh

Our Beis Medrash has been greatly enhanced with a gorgeous, new Aron Kodesh! The Aron Kodesh was sponsored by the Rubenstein family in memory of their parents, Moshe ben Yaakov, z”l & Chana bas Mordechai, a”h, Rubenstein. The Aron was designed by Bittan Fine Art.

New Recreation Area Tour

Construction is nearing completion on our new Boys Division Recreation area. Here is a short tour of the grounds: The volleyball court is at the back of the new Recreation Area (the brown colored cement is the running track that surrounds the entire area). In between the volleyball court and the basketball court is the […]

Going Green

Valley Torah is going green. The #LADWP is working in both campuses today to replace all our lights with LED bulbs. Thank you #LADWP for sponsoring this savings and Earth friendliness for us!

It Won’t Look Like This Tomorrow

Construction of our new recreation area has been moving at a fast pace. Over the last few weeks, the workers have been preparing the area and constructing the forms to pour the concrete. They beginning pouring the concrete tomorrow (Friday)! Here is a time-lapse video that shows you the work they have been doing. Here […]

Virtual Tour of the Construction

The construction crew has started grading and compacting the soil. You can already start to get an idea of how things will look. It’s time for a virtual tour. View From the School Parking LotIn the foreground (on the left) is the area for the volleyball court. The mound of dirt is where the grassy […]

Take Down That Wall!

It may not be the Berlin Wall, but it is a significant start to our building project. The wall between the Boys Division parking lot and the soon-to-be New Recreation Area is being taken down today. A temporary construction fence will be installed next.

Work Started

Work has begun on the Recreation Area at the Boys Division!! The trees were all cleared out of the lot. Next step: grading (not the A-, B+ kind of grading; removing and straightening out the dirt).

Contract Signed

The contract with Sport Court of Southern California to build the the recreation area was signed today. Construction next door to the Boys Division should begin next week!


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