R. Stulberger in Israel – Part II

Updated Motzaei Shabbos – 11/28 6:15 PM The rest of Rabbi Stulberger’s trip – after Shabbos – is dedicated to visits with the Girls Division alumni. There was a Melave Malka at Henya (Stulberger) Feiglin’s apartment in Ramat Eshkol. Pictures below and video to come. Updated Sunday 11/29 7:30 PST Here is the video ofContinue reading “R. Stulberger in Israel – Part II”

R. Stulberger in Israel – Live Updates

Rabbi Stulberger is in Israel for a weekend bar mitzvah (see this post for his schedule). We will keep you posted with live updates and pictures from his events with our alumni. Updated Thursday 11/26 2:00 PM PST Rabbi Stulberger just finished giving a mussar vaad in Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim. Almost thirty alumni from otherContinue reading “R. Stulberger in Israel – Live Updates”

Rabbi Stulberger’s Weekend in Israel

Rabbi Stulberger will be in Israel over the long weekend. If you are an alumnus in Israel (or you are in contact with -one) please be aware of the following schedule: Thursday night –¬†Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim (Sannhedria HaMurchevet), a mussar va’ad for Boys Division alumni at 10:3.0 PM. Friday –¬†For Boys Division alumni, basketball andContinue reading “Rabbi Stulberger’s Weekend in Israel”