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Torah Writing

On Sunday, Rabbi Kraft stopped into the home of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Menlo to fill in some of the letters of the new Torah written in memory of Mr. Sam Menlo, z”l.

New Torah

We began using the new sefer Torah dedicated in memory of Mr. Sam Menlo, z”l. We will have a full gallery of pictures and videos from the Hachanssas sefer Torah soon. For now, enjoy these quick videos from yesterday’s amazing event.

Hachnassas Sefer Torah

  To recognize the amazing work of Mr. Sam Menlo, ז״ל, and his family, יבל״ח, Valley Torah commissioned a beautiful new sefer Torah in Mr. Menlo’s memory. This Torah will be completed on Sunday, March 31. Please join together with the rest of the Valley Torah community and dedicate a pasuk, a word, or any other […]

Dedications for New Sefer Torah

You have the opportunity to become part of Valley Torah history. For the first time ever, Valley Torah is writing a new sefer Torah – and we want you to participate in its writing. The new Torah is dedicated in the memory of Mr. Sam Menlo, z”l. Mr. Menlo stood up to ensure that there […]


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