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Night Seder III

The third voluntary Night Seder of the year was held tonight. The boys started with a cookies and chocolate milk snack followed by chavrusa learning with the rebbeim. Rabbi Grama gave a quick wrap-up shiur. The shiur was followed by a grand BBQ Dinner, Maariv and raffles.


Mock Trial Awardee

David Kerendian, a freshman in the Boys Division won an award as the Outstanding Defense Witness in the Senior Division of the 41st Annual Los Angeles County Mock Trial Program. Congratulations David!

mock - 1.jpg



Generations Learning Nov. 2018

Fathers, grandfathers, uncles, cousins and brothers joined our students for our Generations Breakfast and Learning.


Boys Mock Trial



Girls Mock Trial


First Night Seder of the Year

Yasher Koach to the boys that came for voluntary night seder tonight (pizza and sushi too).


Graceful Envelope Contest 2018

The VTHS Girls art class – led by Mrs. Hedy Harris – swept 10 out of 14 prizes in the 2018 Graceful Envelope Contest! Winners are:

Mayan Benhamo – Reseda, CA
Aurelie Bitton – Valley Village, CA
Tehila Eglanov – North Hollywood, CA
Enya Goodman – Agoura Hills, CA
Leetal Kohanzadeh – Los Angeles, CA
Gabriella Laskow – Agoura Hills, CA
Jessica Marshak – Beverly Hills, CA
Jodie Marshak – Beverly Hills, CA
Maya Shternberg – Burbank, CA
Devora Weinfeld – Valley Village, CA



Innovations Lab at Boys Div.

With the arrival of the state of the art GlowForge Pro, the new Innovations Lab is now complete.  Thanks to a grant received from the Legacy Heritage Fund and matching funds from our donors, we have converted an under-utilized student lounge into a dynamic, multi-purpose Innovations Lab.
Besides the cutting edge technology of the GlowForge Pro, other equipment acquisitions include 3-D Printers, wireless projectors, new laptop computers and all the auxiliary accessories necessary to make the Innovations Lab a dynamic educational hub of the Chandler Campus.
The lab was completed in time to host new elective offerings for our students, such as a Computer Coding Class and other Technology Innovations courses which will be offered in the fall



Boys Torah Honor Roll

9th Grade

Liam Abucasis, Uriya Kahan, Adiel Kohanbash, Eliyahu Kublin, Ariel Nasseri, Yehuda Noble, Elliott Roessler, Mendel Solomon

Siyum - 10.jpg

10th Grade

Michael Arashebn, Micha Bayever, Aaron Imanoel, Sammy Kohanteb, Yosee Kreitenberg, Moshe Litenatsky, Ezra PollackSiyum - 11.jpg

11th Grade

Eitan Abrishami, Shimon Danaei, Matan Imanoel, Michael Jian, Akiva Kamornick, Sammy Kaszirer, Ethan Kiaei, Alex Ribibo, Mendi Rafi, Rafi Rubenstein, Jake Schochet, Eli SolomonSiyum - 12.jpg

12th Grade

Ari Yosef Cohentov, Yehuda Jian, Ari Pollack, Uriel SadeghiSiyum - 13.jpg


Fire Fighting Day 2

Emek Jr. High joined us today for Shacharis, breakfast and learning.


Siyum on Mesechta Berachos

Michael Arashebn has been learning Mesechta Berachos on his own for about a year. Today, he celebrated a siyum on the entire mesechta! May he continue to finish many other mesechtos.



Creativity Week 2017

Exciting news for incoming 8th grade boys! VTHS invites you to join us for a week of creativity, learning and sports from August 21-24! See attached flyer for details and sign up today at

Space is limited, please register before August 11th!



Girls Division Grad Profiled in Jewish Journal

Take a moment to read about Rivka Schusterman and her amazing achievements in the Jewish Journal’s round-up of outstanding grads.


Valley Torah Girls Win 4 out of 6 CIJE Awards

Freshman Class 1Outstanding innovation and creativity were on display at the 2017 CIJE West Region Girls High School Engineering Conference on May 18th at the Westside JCC in Los Angeles. Students from Meira Academy, Palo Alto, the Torah High School, San Diego, Yeshiva University Girls High School, and Valley Torah Girls High School, Los Angeles, knocked it out of the park with their design engineered devices. These devices solved problems that ranged from waking sleepy drivers to a device that helped blind people learn the alphabet.

The winning Project of the Year was a project from Valley Torah Girls, was developed by Adina Ziv, Meital Shafgi, Aviya Gaviel and titled “CS2 Car Sleeping.” Their project focused on a sensor that detected when drivers were getting sleepy and once activated would wake them up using a device that vibrates. With 20% of road accidents linked to fatigue, this project has the potential to save lives.

Winners from the other categories were:

  • Award for Best Social Value, “The Wheel Awake,” by Edan Green and Elinor Shalom, Valley Torah Girls High School
  • Award for Outstanding Engineering Achievement, “Follow PET” by Toma Riskin, Tehila Nissim, Ita Rice, Meira Academy
  • Award for Best Visual Display, “Sensory Insight,” Tzila Hadad, Gila Kohanbash, Penina Waghalter, Liana Seidenfeld, Yeshiva University High School.
  • Award for Innovation “Breader,” Chana Shenghalan, Rachel Leibowitz and Sharon Aharonoff, Valley Torah Girls High School
  • Award for Best Team Pitch, “Chill Pill,” Orel Shachar, Sarah Andron and, Dvora Olkha, Valley Torah Girls High School

Sci Tech I and II Classes


Girls Mock Trial

It is with extreme pride and pleasure to let you know OUR Mock Trial team has moved on from the Preliminary round to the Semi-finals this year. We are in the TOP 8 of undefeated schools out of 99 schools all across Los Angeles County. This is a huge win for the girls and a huge success for our school. The girls have worked so hard to prepare, and it seems all their hard work has paid off!