Alumni Starting Yeshiva and Kollel

Here is one story of our alumni making an enormous impact on the Jewish Community.

Three of our alumni, Rabbi Yirmiyahu Rubenstein (’09), Rabbi Yossef Stulberger (’09) and Rabbi Ariel Wohlfarth (’07) are opening a Yeshiva Day School and Kollel in Tampa, Florida. Tampa has a large unaffiliated Jewish community with no Torah infrastructure at all. These three young men and their families are spearheading the start of the orthodox community in Tampa.

They have already met with considerable success. Over thirty children are signed up to start the first year of the Tampa Torah Center this September, and five other families are moving together with our alumni as the first group of Kollel members.

Valley Torah is so proud that our alumni are taking such an active roll in bringing Torah to a new community. The Tampa Torah Center is running a Charidy Matching Campaign today to raise the funds to launch the school and kollel. Please show them how proud you are by supporting them at

Left to Right: Rabbi Wohlfarth, Rabbi Rubenstein and Rabbi Stulberger

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