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April 4, 2016

Message From Rabbi Stulberger

by vths

Dear Friends,
As we look back and reflect on the incredible success of our $1M campaign we are overwhelmed by a sense of gratitude to הקב״ה for His kindness and graciousness. For almost four decades, Valley Torah has been the recipient of many miracles. This campaign is just another example of Hashem’s special care.

In addition to our thanks to Hashem, we owe a great debt of gratitude to so many people instrumental in the success of this project.

The students at both divisions – they were amazing! Their energy, excitement and spirit was felt throughout the day. They made a tremendous Kiddush Hashem in the way they reached out to the community for support. We are so proud of them. It is ultimately our students that make Valley Torah so special.

The staff, parents, alumni and community members worked tirelessly to make this campaign a success. They were the best influencers any organization could ask for. Yasher Koach! This massive Kiddush Hashem could not have taken place without you.

A deep Hakoras Hatov is felt to our matching donors. You are a special group and your willingness to step up so boldly at this time is a Zchus that should bring only Brocho to all your endeavors. We look up to each of you as true leaders. It is your generosity and vision that made this campaign possible.

Finally, a special thank you goes to every individual who contributed to our campaign over that exciting 24 hours. Every dollar was instrumental in the success of the campaign, and we look forward to sharing the progress of our projects with you as they move forward.

It was overwhelming and extremely humbling to see the over 1,100 friends of VTHS come together to express their love and appreciation for a unique Makom Torah. The community-at-large was left breathless at the broad, sweeping and deeply felt support for our school. It is the ultimate testament to the impact Valley Torah has had these last forty years, and will serve as an impetus for us to continue our Avodas Hakodesh בע״ה well into the future.

Sincerely yours,

Rabbi Avrohom Stulberger
Dean & Rosh HaYeshiva

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