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November 25, 2009


Dinner 2009

by vths

Here is the video shown at our recent Tribute Dinner honoring Yonatan & Rikki Menlo and Avi & Tanya Heyman. Enjoy!

To see pictures from the Dinner, click on the picture below or VTHS Dinner Gallery.

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  1. Binyomin Pesach Simon
    Nov 27 2009

    Unfortunately, I missed the VTHS Dinner for the first time in 7 years! It was great to “experience” (part of) it virtually – I even saw the video via Youtube.

    Yasher koach to Avi, Tanya and (my former pupil) Yonatan.

    Signed by the “VT Student that never left”,
    Binyomin Pesach Simon
    Former VT student, “hashpa’ah guy”, Rebbe and Math Teacher
    Former Ner Aryeh B’helfer, Mashgiach Gashmi, Rebbe, Math Teacher and P.E. Coach

    • Nov 27 2009

      Rabbi Simon:
      It seems from your signature that you were very busy while you were here.

      We missed you at the Dinner too.

      Rabbi Striks

      • Binyomin Pesach Simon
        Nov 27 2009

        Well, that was spread over 17 years…. P.S. I meant to say that I was able to watch the video from youtube on my palm pre phone.

  2. Avi Heyman
    Nov 27 2009

    r’ simon,
    please call me at oyur ealiest convienence.
    it is quite urgent


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