Utah Weekaton Roundup

The boys let out a muted gasp when they saw that the bus was leaving for Utah at 5:00 AM. But they were all there on time and we pulled out before dawn for the trip. We all had our Tefillin on before we reached the freeway, as we were davening shacharis on the bus. (See Weekaton Begins post for some pictures.)

Our first stop was at Quail Creek Park in Utah for tubing, paddle boarding, kayaking and much more. (See our Day One post for more.)

We continued on to the Zion Ponderosa Ranch & Resort that would be our home base for the next three nights.

The groups broke up with some going canyoneering on the first day and the other half going to Bryce for ATVing and Horseback riding. Everyone switched activities the next day.

You might find surprising that one of the highlights of the trip was … the food. Two quotes from some boys, “They feed us better here than at home!” “The food here is better than my mother’s.” (We will keep their names private to avoid the wrath of their mothers.) Maybe that fact the the second night dinner was sous vide rib-eye roast and smoked brisket (prepared by Moshe Nafisi), or that one of the lunches was cold-cut subs (all you could eat), or maybe it was just the abundance of food that impressed them (sorry moms).

We left Utah early on Thursday and stopped in Vegas for lunch. The buses arrived back just as scheduled. The boys are already looking forward to the next Weekaton.

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