Semifinal Game Scoring Updates

The game is starting soon. The score will be updated here often.

They score first VT down 2-0. Our boys are making more noise.

Johnny Dan shoots free throws. Makes both. 2-2. Trading baskets. We lead 5-4. Another three. 8-4 VT.

They retake lead 9-8 DP. We score.

End of first quarter: VT leads 10-8.

Tied at 12 with 6:45 in the half.

Trading threes, tied at 17. Only 3:25 left in half, tied at 19.DP leads 22-19 with 2:01 left in half.

Halftime: VT down 30-26.

33-28 DP leads. One of their players makes every three he takes. DP leads 40-36 with 4:15 in the 3rd Q. Lees then 2:00 in the 3rd, DP leads 44-38.

End of 3rd quarter, VT behind 44-41.

We hit a three. Still down 47-44. Another three 50-47. Coming closer. Tied at 50!! 4:41 to play.

We lead 52-50 3:28 left. They comeback strong. We are down 56-52 with 2:05. 56-54. They lead 58-54 with 3.1.

VT loses 58-56.

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