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June 4, 2015

Girls Awards Assembly

by vths

Mrs. Gross was delighted to present various awards to deserving students at our final awards assembly of the year. Congratulations to the following girls for receiving an award this month. The entire Valley Torah faculty is very proud of you!

Academic Achievement:

Raquel Duek
Abby Mazlin
Talya Ohana
Ariel Sarusi
Shira Weinberg

Jodie Marshak
Excellence in Academics:
Atara Bayever
Shiri Feldman
Devorah Gurevich
Amy Levi
Rivka Shusterman
Elly Winchell

Shira Ardestani
Liorit Kohanbash
Zipporah Levine
Siyug L’chachama Shtikah:
Naomi Lucas
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