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April 30, 2015

A Week In Pictorial Review

by Dr. Eliezer Jones

VTHS Improv Team attends ComedySportz College Show!


Ok. This did not actually happen this week. It happened last Thursday, but it was awesome and I wanted to share it. I am behind the camera and the gentleman on the right is Tom Clark our ComedySportz High School League coach.

Monday 4/27/15: Staff Development Day!


This monday was a half day for our students as we had another wonderful staff development half-day program. The program began with a great Sushi lunch followed by our continued work on our vision and mission of VTHS. We focused on the development of a new tagline that represents the amazing teaching and learning that happens at VTHS and then focused on the theme of day which was team building. In order to achieve our continued goal of enhancing the cohesion and collaboration among our team we headed to Ventura Blvd for some competitive rounds of Bowling at PINZ. Rabbi Samuels led the way with bowling over 200 and inspired many of us to get those strikes and spares. We had fun, enjoyed each others company, proudly crowned the winning team and left for the day a stronger more connected staff!

Tuesday 4/28/15: WASC Visit!



This Tuesday we had our WASC Mid-Cycle review. The team that came were extremely impressed with our progress towards the action plans developed three year ago. Throughout the report words like “outstanding”, “tremendous growth” and “laudable achievement” set the tone for a an extremely positive report. They gladly confirmed what we already knew. Valley Torah High School continues to shine and grow as a Jewish educational institution dedicated to excellent teaching and learning, while producing future leaders of the Jewish community. To qoute the report, “[T]he passion for education and shared vision of all the staff members at VTHS is magnificant. The ongoing strive for excellence is highly commendable and a reflection of the strength, professionalism and commitment of the school administration and leadership team.” A special thank you to all those who assisted with the visit and, above all, thank you to our entire staff who made it clear to the visiting committee what we stand for.


Wednesday 4/29/15: Aerial Robotics Club


The new VTHS Ariel Robotics Club is in full effect! This week (we meet every Wednesday during lunch) was our third meeting and the students are working on finishing soldering all the electronics to their drones. We hope to complete the drones in the next couple of weeks and begin flight training for the end of the year competition!

Thursday 4/30/15: National College Fair


This Thursday I checked out the National College Fair held in Pasadena with some our Juniors! There were hundreds of colleges and Universities represented from around the world and thousands of students in attendance. I have been promoting the fair for a while in our weekly newsletter and certainly recommend any and all high school students checking it out next time it comes around. You can find out when and where they are held here:

Friday 5/1/15: Celebrating a Student


I recently began celebrating a student each week. This is always a difficult choice, but this week I have chosen Mr. Gavriel Menlo. Gavriel is a young man who is a wonderful student, is a good friend to his peers, kind hearted, respectful of his Rebbeim and teachers and truly emulates what it means to be a VTHS student. This Jones Soda is for you Gavriel!

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