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September 4, 2014

The Right Ingredients – A Message from Rabbi Dovid Felt

by vths

The Slonimer Rebbi tells us in his epic work the Nesivas Sholom that there are three elements necessary for efficient growth in a child, a good educational environment, healthy and caring home atmosphere and a child with good character. The Slonimer Rebbe derives this from Hashem’s appeal to Avrohom to leave his land, his birthplace and the house of his father. Hashem wanted Avrohom to leave the negative surroundings he had grown up in and instructed him to go to a place that would be conducive to start a nation and become the father of Klal Yisroel. As a child continues on the path of growth if given the appropriate educational tools coupled with the modeling and encouragement of a healthy and caring home, he has all ingredients for success.

Shlomo Hamelech assures us that Ve’hachut hameshulash lo bimheirah yenatek (4:12) that it is not easy to break a three-fold string.  I would like to add another twist; one can also translate the word hameshulash as intertwined, suggesting the synergy of all three. Having a triple-braided rope consisting of fantastic students, parents, and high school that are all interlaced with the same goals and aspirations, will result in a child not (yenatek) breaking [away].

My wish is to use this newsletter as a springboard to create this partnership. I want to be able to share insights into your child’s growth at school as well as to share recommendations for you to try at home. I want you to be able to give feedback (via the blog) on what we do at school and hear your suggestions for enhancement. I believe that if we have this mindset and are ready to work towards it, we will see tremendous success in our son for this school year.

Felt Tip:

Be involved in your son’s life. Boys at this age may seem reticent to share what is happening in their life with their parents. This behavior is very consistent with life changes—such as new friends or starting a new school. They still need you! So don’t be hesitant, ask questions and become engaged with your son.

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