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February 18, 2012

Game 2 – Live

by vths

The second round playoff game against Rio Honda will begin at 8:30 PM PST. Live bogging of the game will begin her at that time.

VT hits the first basket. Rio answers, then hits a 3. With 3:30 left, Rio leads 7-2. We hit 2 foul shots. 2 more for VT. Down by 1. They hit a 3 with 30 seconds. End of 1st quarter, Rio leads 10-6.

Second quarter: Trading baskets. 4:48 to go rio leads 13-10. Nate hits a 3, tied at 13. They hit 2 foul shots. We tie it. They hit foul shots. A 3 at the buzzer by Simcha Menlo puts us up 18-17!!

Third quarter: they score first. And again. We respond, down by 1. We hit a 3, up 23-21. We’re up 25-23. They score 2 baskets and are up 27-25. 30 seconds left in the quarter. The lead 29-25.

Last quarter: they score then hit a 3. We’re down 34-25. We hit. 4 minutes left rio leads 36-28. They score. 1:30 rio is up 39-29. Not looking good. We hit a 3! They hit 2 foul shots. They win 45-32.

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