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February 15, 2012

Playoff – Live Blog

by vths

Santa Clarita started with 3 points, VTHS answers with 3 of their own. Tied at 5. With 32 seconds in the first VTHS leads 7-6. With 2 seconds left, Nathaniel Liberman hits a basket: VTHS lead 9-6.

Three quick VTHS baskets. We lead 15-6. SC calls a timeout them hits a 3. VTHS still leads baskets. 17-11 Valley Torah lead at the half.

Third quarter: still leading 19-15.after trading turnovers, we lead 21-18. SC pulls up to tie at 21. They take the lead by 1. End of third: VTHS 21, SC 22.

Fourth quarter: back on top 23-22 with Nathaniel’s layup. Trading baskets, we lead 29-26. Less than 3 minutes on the clock. They make 2 free throws, 29-28. 2:37 to go. Jack Turell makes 2 foul shots. 31-28. 1:10 left, VT has the ball and leads 31-29. 18 seconds left. Tied at 31. We go into overtime.

We score first and lead 31-33. They respond with 2. tied at 33, 54 seconds left. Sc shooting fouls. Missed both. 47 seconds left we’re shooting fouls. Make both! 12 seconds left. We lead by 2. 7 seconds, they have the ball. They miss. One second and we have a foul shot. We win 35-33!!

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