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December 17, 2009

Girls Division Yom Iyun – EMeT

by vths

This week Valley Torah Girls School had a most interesting and exciting Yom Iyun on the topic of emes: Exploring Issues in Truth, Honesty and Integrity. The day began with an Emergency Medical Technician’s kit filled with items, that with some creativity in thought, were connected to the day’s theme. Then, the students divided into groups for workshops which were conducted by Rabbi Stulberger, Rabbi Biron, Rabbi Solomon and Rabbi Rauch. The information from each workshop was  presented to the entire school– by our outstanding student Recorder-Reporters, Sara Leah Rosenbluth, Sandra Saber, Bracha Adler, and Dafna Black. Finally, Mr. Baruch Cohen, an attorney and good friend of Valley Torah, presented a most interesting dvar Torah on emes, from the perspective of an attorney. The day concluded in a very unexpected way. During the Mr. Cohen’s question-answer session, the students had an up front and true to life demonstration of the need for integrity, through an elaborate “hoax” involving a student, a “little brother’s” cell phone hidden in a backpack, a claim of injustice, and a “truth comes out moment” orchestrated by Mrs. Grossman and scripted and very professionally and convincingly portrayed by our own Hila Sage and Mr. Cohen. (If you want to know the details just ask a Valley Torah girl!) Valley Torah thanks everyone who participated in making this Yom Iyun so interesting.

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