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December 17, 2009


Girls Division Wild West Mesiba

by vths

What’s Under the (Cowboy) Hat? That was the question that everyone was talking about at Valley Torah Girls School and among Emek Hebrew Academy’s Seniors. We all found out the answer, Wednesday, the 5th day of Chanuka, when everyone moseyed on over for the most amazing shindig at the Valley Torah Barnyard and Farm!

The Valley Torah Social Hall was completely transformed through the talents and hard work of STUCO and the Chanuka Chagiga committee. Walking into that room was like discovering a farm at Valley Torah! Thanks to the massive hay stacks, it even smelled like a farm!

The day of the shindig, our waitresses (9th and 10th grades) served delicious hot dogs in buns, baked beans, and taco salad from adorable serving stations. A couple of friendly horses tried to nibble the goods, but were directed to the apple bins instead.

After lunch we played a wild and crazy game–humongous dice, bins of cheerios and popcorn, and lots of laughter and tons of fun!

Our VT Ambassadors (11th and 12th grades) made friends with our super special guests–Emek’s senior class! As we bade farewell to our guests, the  VT Ambassadors commented…”Those Emek girls are the BEST!”

But, the fun in the barnyard was not yet done! The square dance music began and we whooped and hollered as we  bowed to our partners, made Left-Hand Stars, Doe-Sah-Doed, and even got through the famously complicated Grand Right and Left! We Swung our Corners and Promenaded home!

We will long remember the Valley Torah Barnyard Shindig–Chanuka 5770!

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  1. S.R. Silver
    Dec 18 2009

    These photos are adorable! The girls had a great time. Good job, girls!


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