Virtual Dinner 2019

If you sadly missed our Annual Dinner honoring our alumni Rabbi Yehoshua, Noah & Aaron Rubenstein and Tali (Rubenstein) Bernson – don’t fret – you can experience the camaraderie, the excitement, the deep emotions and the kiddush Hashem, right here, right now (and as often as you like) at our Virtual Annual Dinner.

If you want a quick recap of the evening, you can watch the highlight reel below (don’t forget to keep on scrolling down so you don’t miss anything important).

We had a special feeling about this Dinner. Our honorees – three brothers and a sister – embodied our theme of Passion for Greatness. Plus, we had lined up a very special guest speaker, Charlie Harary.

We were not disappointed. Nearly 500 guests left the Dinner inspired and entertained.

Promptly, at a few minutes before 7:00 the doors opened to the ballroom. The decor, the lighting, all exquisite!

The salad course was waiting at our table. The efficient wait staff promptly removed our salad and served the prime rib of beef (this is where virtual reality leaves something to be desired – I’m afraid you can’t taste just how delicious that steak was!) Just as we put down our forks… the wait staff magically appeared and removed our plates.

The program started off with a fast-paced overview of some of last-year’s accomplishments, Valley Torah Music Video 2019:

Moshe Kinsbursky, Valley Torah class of 2003 and the Rabbinic Coordinator for the RCC, served as the evenings MC. Moshe introduced a video that told the story of three Valley Torah alumni.

Elan Javanfard, a psychotherapist and one of the alumni featured in the video, came to the podium and told the story of one of his patients that was at risk for suicide. Elan told how, when he was in Valley Torah, he deeply felt the care and concern of the rebbeim. Elan paid that forward to his patient and was pivotal in saving his live.

The highlight of the evening came next: Charlie Harary, a noted businessman and popular speaker, gave an address on, The Hero Within Us.

Our honorees, each Valley Torah alumni, are perfect examples of the values that a Valley Torah education strives to inculcate into its students. This video tells their family story.

Rabbi Stulberger presented awards to each of them. Rabbi Yehoshua Rubenstein thanked the school on behalf of his family, Moshe Storch sang a special song composed especially for the honorees, and then Rabbi Stulberger made his closing remarks.

Dessert was served and everyone lingered over coffee, tea and good conversation with close friends.

View the Digital Ad Journal shown at the Dinner below. The support for our school and the honorees was spectacular.