Dan Markush, z”l, Scholarship Fund

Dan Markush, ז״ל, and his wife, Aviva, שתחי׳, were parents that put their children first. Jewish education was a priority that came before anything else. Their children attended Valley Torah High School and thrived. They have grown to be proud leaders on their communities here in Los Angeles and in Israel.

Valley Torah High School provides a high-quality Jewish and secular education to every deserving child. No one is turned away for financial reasons. On December 6, 2022, Valley Torah honored the legacy of Dan and his family, שתחיו. At that time the Dan Markush Memorial Scholarship Fund for Torah Education and Community Leadership was announced. This fund will benefit students that show great promise – but whose families are facing financial hardships.

Please give generously to provide a superior education to a promising student while honoring the legacy of Dan Markush, ז״ל. Using the form below you may make a one-time or a recurring monthly or annual gift in Dan’s memory.

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