Late Payments 

All payments are due on the selected due date. If a payment is declined on the due date, a late fee and/or returned payment fee may be assessed. All families are responsible for meeting their tuition obligation to Valley Torah High School on a timely basis. Should you have difficulty in meeting your tuition obligation, it is your responsibility to notify the Financial Office in writing so that special arrangements can be made. This payment plan must be agreed upon by all parties.

Tuition Delinquency 

If my/our family tuition account falls two months in arrears and alternative arrangements have not been agreed upon with the Valley Torah Financial Office in writing, I/we understand that my child(ren) may not be permitted on campus until my/our account is brought current.

Financial Aid Terms

By entering initials below, I agree to the following Financial Aid terms: I/we understand that all families receiving financial aid are required to raise at least $500.00 for the Annual Fundraising Campaign. If this commitment is not fulfilled, I/we authorize Valley Torah High School to charge my/our Smart Tuition electronic payment account for the remaining balance in the month of May 2022. If I/we have been awarded financial aid and my/our family financial situation changes during the school year, I/we agree that I/we will inform Valley Torah High School within thirty days of the changes, and will provide any requested documentation so the Tuition Committee can reassess my/our Financial Aid grant. I/we understand that the financial aid granted is subject to change if my/our financial situation changes. I/we agree to provide accurate information and documentation if requested at any time by the tuition committee within 5 business days. I/we affirm that all the information and documentation provided regarding my/our family’s current financial situation accurately portrays my/our income and expenses. I/we understand that knowingly providing inaccurate information to deceive the tuition committee into granting additional financial aid is a severe violation of Halacha and constitutes theft of funds that are holy. Valley Torah High School and its representatives do not Mochel (forgive) any financial aid granted based on deception. I/we agree that should any dispute arise it will be arbitrated by a Beis Din.

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