Dinner 21-22 In Review

If you sadly missed our Annual Dinner honoring Alain (’95) & Sarah R’bibo as Innovators of Education, and Rabbi Noach Light (’99), our Alumnus of the Year – don’t fret – you can experience the camaraderie, the excitement, the deep emotions and the kiddush Hashem, right here, right now (and as often as you like) at our Dinner In Review Site.

If you want a quick recap of the evening, you can watch the highlight reel below (don’t forget to keep on scrolling down so you don’t miss anything important).

It had been more than 25 months since our last in-person Dinner, and the Omicron variant was surging. Nevertheless, we had an overwhelmingly positive response. Nearly 400 friends gather for what turned out to be a super-Torah-spreader event!

Promptly, at a few minutes before 7:00 the doors opened to the ballroom. The decor, the lighting, all exquisite!

The salad course was waiting at our table. The efficient wait staff promptly removed our salad and served the prime rib of beef (this is where virtual reality leaves something to be desired – I’m afraid you can’t taste just how delicious that steak was!) Just as we put down our forks… the wait staff magically appeared and removed our plates.

The program started off with a fast-paced overview of some of last-year’s accomplishments, A Toast to Life:

Rabbi Todd Davidovits, Valley Torah class of 1995 an attorney and classmate of Alain, served as the evenings MC. Todd introduced a video that told the story of Our Alumnus of the Year, Rabbi Noach Light, Valley Torah Class of 1999. Rabbi Stulberger presented the award.

Mrs. Sheindy Gross, Principal of the Girls Division, took the stage and introduced a video the described the journey of a current student and two alumnae of the school.

After this moving video, the show truly began. Four of our Boys Division students wowed the crowed with their talents on the violin. Before everyone could catch their breath, Rabbi Chaim Davidowitz and seven of his students took the stage to make a siyum (complete the Gemara Tractate) on Megillah. They had taken upon themselves to follow the Daf Yomi schedule and learned with Rabbi Davidowitz during lunch and after school to able to attain their goal.

It was now time for the final presentation. Rabbi Stulberger introduced a video that showed why Alain & Sarah R’bibo are indeed, Innovators of Education.

After accepting his award, Alain made a monumental announcement: Valley Torah will begin a capital campaign to totally reimagine the Boys Division Campus. See for yourself.

After stunned applause, dessert was served and everyone lingered over coffee, tea and good conversation with close friends.

View the Digital Ad Journal shown at the Dinner below. The support for our school and the honorees was spectacular.

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