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Chanukah Shiur

Join us on Wednesday evening at 7:00 Pm (Pacific) for a live shiur by Rabbi Avrohom Stulberger and Rabbi Shmuel Wasser: Seeing Chanukah Through a Different Light.

Join live at


Sukkos Message 5781

Here is a Sukkos message for you from Rabbi Stulberger.


Kinus Teshuva 5781

Rabbi Stulberger, Rabbi Shifman and Rabbi Majeski will provide inspiration for Yom Kippur at our joint online Kinus Teshuva this Wednesday evening at 7:30 PM. See flyer for details.


Rosh HaShana Message from Rabbi Stulberger

You can still slip another valuable mitzvah into the year 5780. Visit now to help one of our students receive a Jewish education.


RSA- Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim Kinus Teshuva

Rosh Hashanah is quickly approaching. We all need to find some way to inspire ourselves and our families to return to Hashem. This Motzaei Shabbos, there will be a virtual Kinus Teshuva and Reception for the Rabbinical Seminary of America – Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim. This event will provide the inspiration we are looking for.

Everyone in Los Angeles benefits from Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim and its alumni here. As an affiliate of Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim, Valley Torah High School and its students benefit directly from the Yeashiva’s leadership. Please join us at 9:45 this Motzaei Shabbos on Zoom (Meeting ID: 986 6198 5698) to hear precious words of inspiration.


Shmuess Parashas Vaeschanan 5780


Living the New Normal

We would like to thank everyone for your outpouring of support for our Charidy Campaign. To thank you, we have arranged a special treat for tonight:


Shmiras HaLoshon Shiur

Rabbi Stulberger will be giving a Chevra Shmiras HaLoshon shiur this Sunday ay 8:00 PM Pacific. Zoom ID: 522-599-8194.


Shmuess Parashas Shemini

Rabbi Stulberger’s message to the students on this week’s parashah.


Rabbi Paysach Krohn Live

Please join us this Tuesday (April 21) at 7:00 PM (Pacific) for a Zoom meeting with Rabbi Paysach Krohn entitled, Making Each Day Count. Rabbi Stulberger will give an introduction. Zoom ID: 966 6259 5772.


Pre-Pesach Zoom Yarchei Kallah

Prepare for Pesach with Rabbi Stulberger and other Valley Torah rebbeim.

Join us for a remote Yarchei Kallah with six sessions starting tomorrow through Monday.


“I am Black and I am Beautiful” – Insights Into Shir HaShirim

Given By Rabbi Zev Rauch at 7:00 PM (Pacific) –

Afikomen: Revealing the Geula

Given By Rabbi Daniel Grama at 8:00 PM (Pacific) –


Laws of the Seder (Based on the Mishna Berura) – Part I

Given By Rabbi Avrohom Stulberger at 7:00 PM (Pacific) –

Overview of the Laws of Chol Hamoed

Given By Rabbi Asher Biron at 8:00 PM (Pacific) –


Laws of the Seder (Based on the Mishna Berura) – Part II

Given By Rabbi Avrohom Stulberger at 7:00 PM (Pacific) –

Reliving Yetzias Mitzrayim

Given By Rabbi Chaim Davidowitz at 8:00 PM (Pacific) –

This series is sponsored by:

  • Mr. & Mrs. Joel Bess
  • Rabbi & Mrs. Avrohom Stulberger
  • In memory of Sara Yehudis bas Miriam, a”h
  • In the z’chus of refuah shelaimah for Avraham Meir Moshe Ben Miriam

Evening of Chizuk

Join tonight at 8:00 PM (Pacific time). Zoom ID: 585 372 9159. You can also watch live on


Legal Holiday Learning

Start the year seeing 20/20. Join us for a deluxe breakfast and learning in January 1, 2020. Shacharis begins at 8:00 AM.


Kinus Teshuva 5780

The entire community is getting together tonight (Monday) to focus on growth and teshuva. Please join with us for a Kinus Teshuva at the home of Ben & Sandra R’bibo (6127 Rhodes Ave, No. Hollywood) at 7:30 PM. Rabbi Mordechai Shifman, Rabbi Avrohom Stulberger and Rabbi Ari Bensoussan will be speaking.

If you will not be able to be there in person, you can virtually attend: There will be a live video feed of the Kinus Teshuva at



Legal Holiday Learning – Jan 1, 2019

Join us for another exciting round of our Legal Holiday Learning program. This time it is being hosted in conjunction with the Valley Village Community Kollel.

The program starts at Valley Torah Boys Division with Shacharis at 8:00 AM followed by a deluxe breakfast. Rabbi Stulberger will begin his shiur at 9:15 AM and Rabbi Yehoshua Millman will give parsha shiur at 10:00 AM. The program will conclude at 10:15 AM.

This program is for men only.

Legal holiday learning 010119.jpg