Epicaton Roundup

On May 31, 2021, Valley Torah Boys Division left on, possibly, one of the most ambitious trips ever undertaken in Jewish education. We took 110 students and 10 staff members (their luggage and food) on a plane trip to Yellowstone National Park and beyond.

Our flight to Bozeman, Montana stared with shacharis in Burbank Airport. After we were all safely in our seats, Rabbi Biron said Tefilas HaDerech for the entire plane – and we took off.

We safely landed in Bozeman where we boarded three coach busses and continued on to Yellowstone National Park. We were surrounded by the amazing beauty of Hashem’s creation (and quite a few Bison).

After our tour of Yellowstone, we continued on to Ashton, Idaho, arriving just before midnight. We woke early the next day for rafting on the Snake River.

Our trip continued on to Utah where we stayed in a beautiful resort on Bear Lake. In addition to enjoying the many amenities of the hotel and the lake, we took an amazing, bone-jarring trip on UTVs up to the top of the mountain overlooking the lake.

On the last night, we bonded together at a kumsitz. The next morning we took off from Ogden, Utah for our trip back. But, first, we took a moment for an epic group picture.

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