Teen Jewish Day Camp Starting

Many of our students – past and present – have jokingly referred to our school as “Camp VT.” Well, the joke is becoming reality – for part of the day.

After discussions with Torah leaders, our health committee, attorneys and other schools, we have decided to run an in-person Teen Jewish Studies Day Camp half the day (as permitted in LA County Dept. of Health Protocols for Reopening), and Zoom school for secular studies the other half of the day. The Boys Division will have camp in the morning and Zoom in the afternoon, while the Girls Division will have the camp portion of the day in the afternoon.

Is this legal? Is it the path appropriate for a Torah school?

The answer to both questions: Yes.

Let me explain. Our students are hurting. More than five months with no school, no real daily structure and minimal Torah studies has left many of our students reeling. Most other schools find themselves in the same situation. The Day Camp scenario became the best solution for our community-wide dilemma.

What is the difference between a Day Camp and a school? School is classes for credit. School leads to moving to the next grade and ultimately to graduation. Camp, even computer or math camp, does not grant class credit. This distinction is based on the guidance of the State and the LA County Department of Health.

The camp portion of the day will have Torah classes only. Students and staff will be required to wear masks and social distance. All laws and regulations will be kept. Great effort has been expended to ensure that every student and staff member will be protected from the risk of exposure to COVID-19. (Visit VTHSCovid.com for all the details.) Families that are not comfortable with in-person day camp will be allowed to Zoom in to the Torah classes. Secular studies will be held remotely until schools are once again allowed to be held in-person.

Everything that we are doing is kosher and approved by our attorneys. We hope that this program will bring vital relief to our students and their families.

We pray for a quick salvation from this pandemic.

אבינו מלכנו, מנע מגפה מנחלתך.

אבינו מלכנו, שלח רפואה שלמה לחולי עמך.

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