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February 3, 2015

Chesed Project

by vths

Valley Torah Girls Division’s second semester chesed program began with a very meaningful project for Rabbi Chezky Cohen, Yechezkel ben Gittel. After hearing moving words from Mrs. Dassi Weiner, Rabbi Cohen’s sister, the girls drew pictures of chizuk and wrote inspiring messages to Rabbi Cohen and to the entire Cohen family on pieces of fabric, which will be sewn together into a beautiful pillowcase for the Cohen family.

The chesed heads also announced that they will be putting up a “board of inspiration” on which the girls can post uplifting quotes, messages, stories, etc. Any inspiration that will be revealed through this medium will iy”H be a zechus for Rabbi Cohen, Yechezkel ben Gittel to have a refuah shelaima.

May Rabbi Cohen have a refuah shelaima bikarov!

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