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December 29, 2014

SOS: Self-Others-Soul

by vths
Thursday morning began with a beautiful mother-daughter event. While the girls davened in the social hall, mothers were treated to ‘Torah & Tea’ time by Mrs. Gross. A delicious breakfast and creative art activity followed. Thank you to all of the mothers who took time out of their busy schedules to join us.
Next on the agenda was Lizi Klein, a former Valley Torah alumna, who spoke to the students about what it means to be a leader and a do-er in one’s own community. Lizi shared with the girls how she started her own recycling organization called Green-4-Kids, which raises and donates money to children in need. She also spoke about her “4 Steps of Chesed,” which can help one connect to doing chesed as an individual to doing chesed as part of the entire world. The girls had a great time using seemingly ‘worthless’ scraps of fabric and ‘recycling’ them to make their very own adorable headbands. Thank you to Lizi Klein for her inspirational words.  You can find out more about Green-4-Kids by visiting
Next the girls  headed off to the other side of town- to the city by bus. They went to Tomchei Shabbos Headquarters and learned  about the amazing things Tomchei Shabbos does for the Los Angeles community. Lunch was then served at Mrs. Gross’s house, which was a real treat. The day concluded with the girls splitting into three groups; one group visited the Bridal Gift Gemach, another the Bridal Gown Gemach, and still another group visited Cedar Sinai Hospital where they met with the Bikur Cholim Coordinater. The day really proved to be a learning experience in which the girls were able to see exactly what it means to be a leader and how many opportunities there are to get involved in their own communities.
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