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December 18, 2014

Girls Chanukah Chagigah 5775

by vths

The Girls Division Chanukah Chagiga was fun, creative, and enjoyed by all. The girls dressed up as different time periods, from the 40’s until today. After a delicious lunch and milkshakes in the VTHS 50’s diner, the girls split up into teams and had a delicious and fun cupcake competition. Each team decorated several cupcakes using the frosting and toppings that were provided for them. The cupcakes were then presented to the judges, who picked a winning team based on appearance, creativity, theme connection, and of course, taste. We then played “The Burning Questions Game Show,” which challenged students to answer Chanukah trivia and questions about Valley Torah’s history.

Thank you to all those who helped make the Chanukah Chagiga the great success that it was.

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