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November 6, 2014


by vths

On Tuesday, Valley Torah girls participated in an adorable chesed project to benefit the children of Chai Lifeline. The girls paired up, traced each other on paper, and decorated the traced paper dolls and large envelopes to send them in.   As part of the sparkle theme of the VT Chesed Program this year, the chesed heads gave out stickers to the girls that said, “I embraced my inner sparkle.” These stickers acknowledge the fact that each VT girl has her own unique talents, or sparkles, and in doing this project, she made an effort to bring forth those sparkles and share them with others. After sealing their envelopes, the girls enjoyed delicious cookies covered in sparkle sprinkles.

We hope the children of Chai Lifeline enjoy the hugs and feel the warmth and love from Valley Torah girls coming their way!

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