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March 10, 2011


Dean’s Office – Vayikra

by vths

This is the latest segment of the new weekly video series from Rabbi Stulberger – You’ve Been Called to the Dean’s Office. It’s a short (four minute) message on a timely Torah topic. This week’s message: “Man or Beast?”

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  1. Shayna schwartz
    Mar 11 2011

    Rabbi Stulberger!!!
    Thank you so much for these inspirational Parsha videos. I’m graduating college this year and I still remember walking into the auditorium every week and hearing you speak. In a room with the whole school, you managed to deliver somehow an independentant and relevant lesson
    To every student. I will never forget these amazing Friday lessons and thank you for instilling s strog love for
    Hashem and Judaism in my life. With all my heart, Thank You


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