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October 7, 2010


VT Times – October

by vths

The VTHS student newspaper – VT Times – for the month of November is now available.

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  1. Avi Dear/Rephael Rosenberg
    Oct 11 2010

    as esteemed alums of vt, we are proud of the paper Yosef is producing
    we hope the paper continues and grows

  2. Rephael Rosenberg
    Oct 11 2010

    as an esteemed alum I hope the paper passes the moderat performance that Avi Dear attempted to accomlplish in a news paper. And I tried getting to make it more than 4 pages but he said “it fits better like that” or something. so to sum up I hope you (and your crew) make Avi Dear’s paper look like garbage.

    an awesome alum.

  3. Yosef
    Oct 13 2010

    Well, the next issue’s already going to be printed in color. The team’s goal for the year is to have the paper printed on some actual newsprint, like the LA Times. That would mean that we would have to produce twice the amount of articles that a single current issue can hold, but the guys and I all think it’s in reach. Hope we could make you proud of what you started Avi. Consider it your legacy at Valley Torah.


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