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September 6, 2010


Rabbi Z. Wallerstein

by vths

Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein visited both the Boys and Girls Divisions and spoke in both locations. He was very warmly received. In the evening, he presented a lecture to the community parents. You can listen to his presentations by clicking on the links below:

Rabbi Wallerstein to the Students

Rabbi Wallerstein to the Community

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  1. arthur
    Mar 28 2011

    Hi my name is arthur, I was recently in a lecture were Rabbi Wallerstein spoke. The lecture was very touching he spoke about his past and how he overcame his troubles. I have the same problem I need to speak to Rabbi Wallerstein before I loose my family to this horrible addiction. Please contact me via email or call me at 718-926-1979. I need to reach Rabbi Wallerstein please..


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