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June 21, 2010


Auction Winners

by vths

The VTHS Chinese Auction was a great success. The winners are:

Number Prize Winner
1 Shas Dr. Marty Kay
2 Fly Away Dr. Moore
3 Macbook Dr. Moore
4 Havdalah Set David Striks
5 iPad Amy Nevo
6 Necklace Marty Kay
7 Camera Daniel Triester
8 Simcha David Striks
9 Dell Jonathan Coronel
10 Wigs Yehuda Remer
11 Video Camera Dr. Marty Kay
12 Rabbi Stulberger Dr. Marty Kay
13 Costco Wohlfarth
14 Dodgers vs. Yankees 4 Dr. Marty Kay
15 Hilton for 2 Yisroel Meir Kramer
16 Wii Dr. Marty Kay
17 Oxnard Bordoff
18 Target S.R. Silver
19 Challah Rahimi
20 iTouch Benji Davidson
21 Rock n Roll Edelstien
22 Artscroll David Coronel
23 Art Noah Rubenstien
24 Grill Julie Handelman
25 2 yankee vs. Dodgers Ryan Ross
26 Cookware Julie Handelman
27 Universal 2 Aryeh Istrin
28 Mezuzah David Ash
29 It’s a Boy Dr. Marty Kay
30 Jewlery Jay Darrison
31 Winter Retreat Cheryl Knopf
32 Disneyland Benji Davidson
33 Navigation Michelle Mezallion
34 Gifts for Her Mark Granovitz
35 Kindle David Striks
36 Macys Noah Weisman
37 Gifts for Him Jackie Ariel
38 Heads Up Moshe Segal
39 Westfield Noah Weisman
40 Rsteraunt Lovers Josh Bregman
41 Shmuz iPod Joy Freidman
42 Flowers Danny Lintz
43 Breakfast Dr. Jan Moore
44 Teeth Whitening Dr. Allen Ardestani
45 Camera Mrs Silver
46 Kids Ralph Rubenstien
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  1. Yehuda Jacobs
    Jun 22 2010

    Ralph won more kids? doesnt he have enough?? LOL

  2. Cheryl Knopf
    Jun 22 2010

    Please let me know what I need to do to receive the certificate for my prize (winter retreat). Thanks, Cheryl Knopf


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