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February 8, 2010

4M4U.COME a Marvelous, Magnificent, Melave Malka

by vths

The Valley Torah Menlo Family Girls Division hosted 4M4U.COME, a Marvelous, Magnificent, Melave Malka so that Valley Torah girls and eighth grade girls throughout the city could Meet, Marvel, Mingle and Munch!

The evening began soon after Shabbos as the Valley Torah set-up crew arrived to decorate the Shaarey Zedek Social Hall. The hall was transformed into a sea of turquoise and pink! Mimes welcomed all of the guests and guided everyone to their tables for the Seuda.The Melave Malka buffet of salad, pasta, and wraps was elegantly presented and enjoyed by all.

After the seuda, Valley Torah girls and their guests pondered the halachic issues presented in several everyday scenarios. Rabbi Stulberger, Rabbi Biron and Rabbi Solomon presented the Psak Halacha for each of the sheilos, some of which were quite surprising. As Rabbi Stulberger pointed out, we learn from this how important it is to always clarify issues by consulting with Daas Torah.

After learning, the room went dark, lights began flashing, and Mrs. Weiner broke out the Seers, Runners, Builders activity. Our Melave Malka Heads, Hila Sage and Ilana Drubach had created a Clown from such materials as boxes, yarn and balloons. Which team could most closely recreate this clown? The challenge: Only one person on each team could actually SEE the clown. The SEER could describe the clown to the team RUNNER. And the RUNNER could then describe what she heard to the BUILDERS! There was lots of excitement as the girls raced to accurately create their clown, until time was called and the winners announced!

The evening ended with a dessert buffet and another chance for all the girls to mingle with their classmates and new friends.

Many thanks to Melava Malka heads Hila Sage and Ilana Drubach for their hard work. Thanks to Mrs. Sage for the beautiful centerpieces , which added so much to the atmosphere! Thank you to Mrs. Grossman, and to all of the VT teachers who helped with this event. And last but not least, thanks to all of the Valley Torah girls who worked so hard to make this event such a fun and successful evening!

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