Shmos – You’ve Been Called to the Dean’s Office

This is the fifth segment of the new weekly video series from Rabbi Stulberger – You’ve Been Called to the Dean’s Office. It’s a short (three minute) message on a timely Torah topic. This week’s message: “Tapping Into Our Latent Potential.”

2 thoughts on “Shmos – You’ve Been Called to the Dean’s Office

  1. Thank you for each dvar Torah. I have watched every one. It helps make Shabbos more special and since I am very busy I can watch when I have the time.

    Thank you and looking forward to the next “Dean’s Office”.

    Good Shabbos,
    Ruth Reich

  2. Yes Rabbi, very inspirational.
    we all have to believe in our potentials and feel proud of them. G-d gave them to us to share them wisely.
    i do follow ur speeches. I always learn from them.
    Good Shabbos 2 U n all
    Ms.Sophie-Daulette De L’Herbe

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