You’ve Been Called to the Dean’s Office … Again

This is the second segment of the new weekly video series  from Rabbi Stulberger – You’ve Been Called to the Dean’s Office. It’s a short (three minute) message on a timely Torah topic. This week’s message: “What Did Yosef’s Brothers do Wrong?”

5 thoughts on “You’ve Been Called to the Dean’s Office … Again

  1. I never dreamed I’d actually enjoy going to the Dean’s Office once a week for 3 minutes! This is by far one of the nicest and best ideas I’ve seen in ages. It’s personal, although at my desktop, and provides good spiritual ‘food for thought’ to last for a week. Thanks, Rabbi Stuhlberger, VTHS, for your innovative derech to communicating with VTHS alumni, their parents and the extended families worldwide! Ya’asher Koach!

  2. Tizku lemisvos for to Rabbi Stulberger and the staff for such a wondrful job and keeping us in touch with VTHS…. many mant thanks!!!!!!

  3. Rabbi stulberger is clearly the gadol batorah of todays generation. his shmuesin continue to inspire me, the community and klal yisroel. we are honored to have such a person with us and guiding us. Hopefully through this inspiration, more and more people will follow and support this tremendous leader of our times.

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