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IMAGE#-252.jpgIf you sadly missed our Annual Dinner on November 22 at the Universal Hilton – don’t fret – you can experience the camaraderie, the excitement, the deep emotions and the kiddush Hashem, right here, right now (and as often as you like) at our Virtual Annual Dinner.

If you want a quick recap of the evening, you can watch the highlight reel below (don’t forget to keep on scrolling down so you don’t miss anything important).

We knew that this year would be special! We were Celebrating Leaders That Inspire Leadership – and we chose amazing leaders: Rabbi Avrohom & Peshy Stulberger (this marked their first 30 years at the helm of Valley Torah High School), and Dr. Uri & Efrat Zisblatt (Uri was a member of our 3rd graduating class, Efrat is a member of our Executive Board and their son , Yoni, is a member of the VTHS class of 2017).

The Los Angeles Community certainly responded. Over 600 of our closest friends attended the Annual Dinner!


The evening began with a reception. Everyone enjoyed a tasty hors d’oeuvres buffet and a chance to catch up with friends.

Promptly, at a few minutes before 7:00 (everything ran perfectly on schedule) the doors opened to the ballroom. The decor, the lighting, all exquisite!

The salad course was waiting at our table. The efficient wait staff promptly removed our salad and served the prime rib of beef (this is where virtual reality leaves something to be desired – I’m afraid you can’t taste just how delicious that steak was!) Just as we put down our forks… the wait staff magically appeared and removed our plates. The program was about to begin.

Ami Horowitz, a political analyst, filmmaker and Vally Torah graduate, served as the evenings MC.

The program started off on a humorous note with our “I Can Be” video:

Ami then introduced Dr. Eliezer Jones, Boys Division Secular Principal (guess what? he’s also a Vally Torah graduate), who introduced a moving video that traced the three generation long relationship the Zisblatt’s have with Valley Torah.

Menachem Stulberger, Rabbi & Mrs. Stulberger’s eldest son (and – of course – a VTHS Graduate) took the stage and explained to us exactly what it is like to be a child parents who are so dedicated to the Jewish community. He introduced the video that told of his grandparents’ escape to America and his parents secret to success.

For many, the highlight of the evening was yet to come. Abie Rotenberg, one of the founding rebbeim of Valley Torah; Uri’s 10th grade rebbi; and a close friend of Rabbi Stulberger, presented a musical interlude that was followed by joyous dancing.

Dessert was served and everyone lingered over coffee, tea and good conversation with close friends.

IMAGE#-417.jpgVisit the VTHS Annual Dinner Online Photo Album to see all the pictures from the Gala.

See all the ads displayed at the Dinner in our Digital Ad Journal below.


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