The web address for this year’s Raffle Campaign is www.Rayze.it/VTHS2020

You can sign-up as a Rayzer and get your own personalized web-page with it’s own web-address. Start off by going to: https://www.rayze.it/vths2020/mt-register and click on, “Join a Team.” In the first drop-down (Team Preference), choose the correct school division. Fill out the rest of the information and choose a URL. It’s that easy.

Now, start spreading the word:

  • First, share your page on your family WhatsApp group and any other social media groups.
  • Second, start to get personal. Send direct messages to your friends and relatives. Tell them how they can win $5,000. Share your link with them.

Remember, you will be most successful with people that know you and know the school. Good luck!