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Shavuos Message from Rabbi Semmel


Shavuos Schedule 5780

Please see the rules for Covid minyanim. You must have reservations to join us.


Pre-Shavuos Learning

Many of us will not be able to stay up all night learning this Shavuos. We have prepared an all-star lineup of shiurim – for men and for women – for tonight starting at 7:30 PM (Pacific) and going until 11:00. See both schedules below.


Minyan Restart

Valley Torah High School will be (slowly) reopening their Shabbos and Yom Tov minyan this week. Erev Shavuos will be the first minyan and we will have a minyan for each tefila over Shavuos. We will be davening in a tent on the basketball court. Reservations are required (email for reservations). After Shavuos, we will reevaluate the minyan, rules and arrangements to protect the safety of everyone involved.

Everyone that attends will need to follow these rules:

  • You must wear a mask and maintain physical distancing at all times. You will be assigned the same seat for all tefilos. Please remain at that seat at all times.
  • If you, or anyone in your household, feels ill or shows any signs of Covid-19 infections, you may NOT attend.
  • You must bring your own siddur, chumash and talis.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands before entering the tefillah area.
  • No shaking hands.
  • We will not have a women’s section and no one under bar mitzvah is allowed.
  • Avoid touching any surfaces. Do not kiss the Sefer Torah.

Legal Holiday Learning

Join a very interesting shiur by Rabbi Grama about the Six Day War and be inspired by Rabbi Stulberger to prepare for Shavuos on Monday starting at 9:30. Zoom ID: 944 5047 2952


Are You Missing Shul?

We can help bring back a part of your regular shul experience. Visit


Drive-Thru Lag B’Omer

The Boys Division hosted a Drive-Thru Lag B’Omer seudah at the school and at Jeff’s (for our city contingent). It was the first time we were able to see the boys in person in more than eight weeks.


Teacher Appreciation Video

The Boys Division students put together a video to thank the rebbeim and teachers.