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Tearful Return


One of our alumni was in the Chabad of Poway when the shooting took place. He returned to Valley Torah today to say Birchas HaGomel.

Dr. Allen Ardestani (’97) was visiting his family in Poway for Pesach when the shots rang out. He returned to Los Angeles and joined our minyan today. Tears were flowing as he received an aliyah and said Birchas¬†HaGomel. After davening, Dr. Ardestani shared is harrowing story with the boys. He showed them how Hashem orchestrated many small “coincidences” to keep him and his family safe.


Pesach Schedule 5779

Pesach Schedule 5779


Shabbos Parashas Metzora

Shabbos Parashas Metzora 5779.jpg


Color War Blues

Rabbi Stulberger declared war! Color war!

The Blue Team represented Torah and the Red Team represented Tefilah.

The Boys Division First Annual Color War started with a paint ball trip. There were sports competitions including a dunk contest and Tug-of-War. There was a Torah-Bowl, engineering & chemistry competitions, banner contest, cheers and a video contest.

The Blue team won by a hair. And after two days of fierce competition – the boys and rebbeim celebrated with Rabbi Samuels famous achdus Chulent.


Regents Scholarship Awardee

Immanouel - 1.jpgMatan Imanoel, VTHS class of 2019, was awarded with the prestigious UCLA Freshman Regents Scholarship.

This year, 113,000 high school seniors applied for acceptance to UCLA. Only 100 of them were chosen to receive a UCLA Freshman Regents Scholarship. We are proud that Matan was chosen as one of the top 100 UCLA Freshmen.

When Matan’s father heard the good news, he immediately texted Rabbi Stulberger, “I would like to thank you for creating the perfect environment for Matan. An environment ¬†that enabled him to attain this achievement and to become a Ben Torah!”


Color War at Girls Division

The energy was high, and the achdus even higher as the school was busy with color war.

More than the competition that was going on – sports, races, cake wars, etc – you could feel the achdus in the school with each grade working hard together to help their succeed and cheering on the other teams. The competition was intense and each team’s performance and presentations were incredible – song, dance, banner, divrei torah – the girls took color war to a whole new level. Congratulations to Team Blue, Sophomores, for winning color war by ONE point!


Sefer Torah Celebration

We completed the new Torah in memory of Mr. Sam Menlo, z”l, this Sunday afternoon. The gala celebration was attended by over 300 friends of Valley Torah.


Torah Writing

On Sunday, Rabbi Kraft stopped into the home of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Menlo to fill in some of the letters of the new Torah written in memory of Mr. Sam Menlo, z”l.


VTHS Girls Meet with Nikki Haley



Shabbos Parashas Tazria

Shabbos Parashas Tazria 5779.jpg


Visit with Nikki Haley

Valley Torah seniors and Mr. Tomer Kleinman at their visit with former US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley.



New Torah

We began using the new sefer Torah dedicated in memory of Mr. Sam Menlo, z”l.

We will have a full gallery of pictures and videos from the Hachanssas sefer Torah soon. For now, enjoy these quick videos from yesterday’s amazing event.