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Shabbos Parashas Vayakhel

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Lev Stark – Our New Executive Director

image1We are thrilled to announce that Mr. Lev Stark will be joining Valley Torah High School as our new Executive Director. Lev will be overseeing and upgrading our business office with a focus on improving customer service. In addition, Lev will be joining our fundraising team and using his experience and expertise in marketing to expand and enhance our community presence. We look forward to his start at Valley Torah after Pesach.

Mr. Stark is no stranger to Valley Torah. In fact, Lev is a graduate of the Valley Torah class of 1989. In addition, Lev and his wife, Amy,  have been parents at our school for the last five years.

Lev is currently the Executive Director of Yavneh Hebrew Academy. Since joining the management team of Yavneh, he has played an integral role in many enhancements to the school’s operations as well as its marketing strategy.

The Valley Torah community looks forward to Lev joining us in May, and we are confident that he will contribute greatly to the continued growth of the school.


Baltimore Alumni Shabbaton

Rabbi Stulberger was in Baltimore for an alumni Shabbaton. Here are some pictures from the Melave Malka. Thank you Mrs. Jackie Ariel for arranging this wonderful weekend.




Behind Door No. One

Getting into the Purim (Katan) spirit, STUCO once again went above and beyond with an incredible Let’s Make a Deal game. Students each came dressed in costume and were treated to an entertaining program filled with challenges, trivia, and excellent prizes for everyone. The game ended with the ultimate prize “behind door #1” a Gad Elbaz concert!!! The energy and simcha in the room was incredible and has taken us through the week!


Late Night Mishmar

As part of our #DayOfLearning, over 30 students, alumni and friends joined us for a late night mishmar. The learning – and the chulent – was enjoyed by all.



Shabbos Parashas Ki Sisa

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#DayOfLearning This Thursday

Valley Torah will be hosting a #DayOfLearning this Thursday (February 21) with special programming at both campuses.

During the day, there will be special classes and sessions crafted specially for our students. In the evening, we are inviting parents, alumni and friends to hear some new and some familiar speakers.

At the Girls Division (12003 Riverside Drive):

  • 6:25 – 7:10 Mrs. Michelle Klein – Happiness
  • 7:15 – 8:00 Mrs. Chanie Pinson – The Power of Learning Torah

From 8:00 – 9:45 we will present a Shidduch Initiative with Mrs. Shirley Lebovics and Mrs, Yehudis Orloff. This is open to parents and alumni that want guidance to reach a happy shidduch resolution for themselves or their children.

At the Boys Division (12517 Chandler Blvd.):

  • 7:00 Rabbi Zev Don Rauch – Shaul, Kayin & the Calf: Dealing With Adversity
  • 8:00 Rabbi Yaakov Vosoghi (VTHS class of ’98) – Life Changing Messages

The classes above are for both men and women.

There will also be a Late Night Mishmar with Chulent & Sushi for Boys Division alumni, students and all friends of VTHS beginning at 9:00 PM. Rabbi Striks will give a vaad at 9:30 on, The Secret to Happiness and World Peace. Chulent and Sushi will be served at 10:00 PM.

We hope to see you there!

Day of learning schedule.jpg


Gad Elbaz Live

Thank you to Gad Elbaz for giving mini-concerts at both the Boys and Girls divisions to celebrate Purim Katan!



Shabbos Parashas Tetzave

Shabbos Parashas Tetzave 5779.jpg


SRO at Night Seder

The first voluntary night seder of the new semester was packed! Nearly 50 boys joined with their rebbeim to learn together after school. The evening concluded with dinner from Orange Delite.


Park Day Today

The Boys Division STUCO sponsored a park day today! Basketball, baseball, soccer and super-large deli subs to top it off.


Seniors Visit Uri Davidi

While on their mid-Winter trip too Lakewood, some of our seniors visited famed singer Uri Davidi.



Shabbos Parashas Terumah

Shabbos Parashas Terumah 5779.jpg


First Playoff Game

The first round playoff game will take place this Wednesday (Feb. 6), 7:00 PM at La Quinta High School in Westminster (10372 W McFadden Ave).



Basketball Playoff Brackets

Valley Torah is in the playoffs once again. The first game is this week. Here are the CIF-SS brackets.