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Shabbos Parashas Chukas

Shabbos Parashas Chukas 5774


Sports Banquet

All participants in our sports program were honored at our recent Sports Banquet held at Boca. Many thanks to Adam Levitt our Athletic Director and to Amy Leibowitz for arranging this event.


Shabbos Parashas Korach

Shabbos Parashas Korach 5774


2014-2015 Boys Calendar Preview

Get a preview of next year’s VTHS Boys Division Calendar.

Calendar - boys 14-15


Trustees Dinner 2014

The Valley Torah High School Trustees Dinner of 2014 was held in the home of Paul & Judy Cohen. It was one of the best-attended Trustees Dinners ever, and perhaps the most enjoyable. See for yourself below. (you can download full-res versions at the VTHS Photo Site.)


Boys Division Year in Review

We have had an amazingly exciting year at the VTHS Boys Division! A Shabbaton to Simi Valley, a Weekaton in Utah, special trips, many Shabbos and Yom Tov events, and much more.

The video below highlights just some of the special times we enjoyed together.


Girls (Almost) Sweep Contest

Once again, VTHS girls won almost all the top spots in the Graceful Envelope Contest, sponsored by the National Association of Letter Carriers and the Washington Calligraphers Guild. Eleven out of twelve winners, in the high school level, are VTHS Girls Division Students.

The winning envelopes are below. The student artists are: Sophia Blumenstrauch, Esther Chulpaev, Shiri Feldman, Chaya Kamionski, Yehudis Levine, Abby Mazlin, Rena Ohana, Orah Shafa, Lital Swisa, Elly Winchell and Miriam Yifrach

Chaya Kamionski

Yehudis Levine

Elly Winchell

Esther Chulpaev

Abby Mazlin

Sophia Blumenstrauch

Shiri Feldman

Rena Ohana

Orah Shafa

Miriam Yifrach

Lital Swisa


Shabbos Parashas Shelach

Shabbos Parashas Shelach 5774


Girls Spring Retreat

This year’s Spring Trip was a tremendous success. The relaxing atmosphere, inspirational moments and adventurous activities created the perfect retreat experience. We began our trip in the beautiful Santa Monica mountains with Tefillah and yummy baked goods graciously provided by Mrs. Striks.  The journey continued via ferry to Channel Islands as we watched whales and spotted dolphins en route. Once there, we had the opportunity to kayak and hike on the beautiful island. We headed to our gorgeous hotel and then set out for Oxnard Beach Park where we had a delicious barbecue and then biked along the bike path. We wrapped up our trip in Camarillo with pizza and an appreciation game where the girls expressed their appreciation to the students and faculty members for the huge effort they put into the planning of the trip. Bonding, connecting and creating memories that will last a lifetime were the treasured outcomes of our amazing trip.  We will never forget it!


Shabbos Parashas Behaalosecha

Shabbos Parashas Behaalosecha


Shavuos Schedule

Shavuos Schedule 5774