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April 15, 2011

Letter to School

by vths
Dear Rabbi Stulberger,
        My week started off as most weeks do for me.  I get asked by my family and friends about my adventurous weekends.  I have the great opportunity to travel to the Midwest as an advisor for the Midwest NCSY region, and I usually return with a story about the flight and a plethora of stories regarding the shabbotton itself.
        This week, when I responded to my family and friends, and told them I was a volunteer for the Sarachek weekend.  I received different reactions.  Some said what I was doing was very nice, and other said I was crazy for choosing to spend my weekend with high school students from around the continent.
        The reason I am sending you this letter is because I want you to know that your boys made the shabbos worth attending.  Their behavior was impeccable.  They showed the utmost respect when asked to be wherever they were supposed to be, no matter the time of day.  Even more impressive was their character.  As I was wandering around after shabbos lunch, your boys, Aaron Liberman in particular, took the initiative to invite me over to play a board/card game with them.  Next thing I knew, I was sitting between the “Doc” and Natanel Liberman and I started to play the game.  Before we knew it half the team was around the table.  Mind you the table fits eight people comfortably, but that did not seem to matter to your boys, anybody that wanted to join the game or just sit there and watch was more than welcome.  Three hours later, and having gone through all of the cards the game had to offer, we ended the game.  Most players over the shabbotton at that point would have gone back to their rooms and skipped mincha.  Your boys went straight across the hall, back into the room to daven.
        These two small actions blew me away.  Incredibly, your boys were able to show this character on the court as well.  Having played multiple sports in high school, I know the amount of self control it takes to keep your composure during a heated game.  Also, being part of the Macslive staff, I happen to have been assigned to be the sideline reporter for the VTHS side of the of your last game of the tournament.  That game was extremely intense, and no one would have faulted any of your boys or coaches if they would have lost their temper.  The fact that they did not is truly admirable, and something I am envious of.
        As far as I am concerned, your boys were the best at showing the Sarachek Tournament, and the spectators, the true definition of Binay Torah.

Have a wonderful day and a great shabbos,

Elliot Tanzman

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