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Purim Chagigah

This year’s Purim Chagigah lived up to its expectations. It was 100% simcha, and it was an alcohol free environment. Most of the students attended together with many alumni.

Enjoy the pictures below. To see the entire gallery (of 74 pictures) visit our online photo album.

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Alumni Online-a-thon

We are proud to introduce a ground-breaking new idea: Our first VTHS Alumni Online-a-thon! We need every alumnus to participate in this event. (More after the video)

The Online-a-thon will harness the power of today’s new online media and is a replacement for the old-fashioned telethon. On April 11-15 we will gather over 100 alumni to try to reconnect with the over 2,000 VTHS alumni. This blog will keep everyone informed of the progress of the Online-a-thon on a minute-by-minute basis.

I am sure that every alumnus would be happy to participate in this event. We need to schedule volunteers for, at least, two hour shifts during the Online-a-thon. If you are able to volunteer, please e-mail us at


Purim – Message From the Dean’s Office

This is the twelfth segment of the new weekly video series from Rabbi Stulberger – You’ve Been Called to the Dean’s Office. It’s a short (three minute) message on a timely Torah topic. This week’s message: “Power of the Environmental Impact.”


Father-Son Breakfast and Learning

The VTHS Menlo Family Boys Division’s first Father-Son Breakast and Learning Program held this morning was a great success. After davening, everyone was treated to a catered breakfast. Rabbi Felt welcomed all the guests and introduced Yosef Guttierez, a VTHS student, who spoke about the megillah. After breakfast, the boys and their fathers’ went to their gemara shiur classrooms to prepare a gemara (Megillah 3a) with their rebbe. After this preparation, Rabbi Biron gave a short shiur for the entire group on that gemara. The program concluded with a shmuess by Rabbi Stulberger.

To see the complete gallery, visit our Online Photo Album.


VTHS Purim: 0% Alcohol, 100% Simcha

Many people think that drinking and Purim go hand in hand. They are mistaken. Purim at Valley Torah High School is 0% alcohol but 100% simcha!

Don’t believe me?

Please watch this video of last year’s Purim Chagigah. Even better, join us for this year’s Purim Chagigah on Motzaei Shabbos at 10:00 PM.

To watch videos of the past five Purim’s, visit the Purim Video Page.


Terumah – You’ve Been Invited to the Dean’s Office

This is the eleventh segment of the new weekly video series from Rabbi Stulberger – You’ve Been Called to the Dean’s Office. It’s a short (three minute) message on a timely Torah topic. This week’s message: “Torah is for Everyone.”


Fall Semester Honor Roll

The following students have made the Valley Torah High School Honor Roll for the Fall 2009-2010 Semester (listed in GPA order):

VTHS Menlo Family Girls Division

  • Sheer Dadon
  • Elana Granowitz
  • Elanit Helischauer
  • Hannah Robin
  • Rachel Cohen
  • Rachel Friedman
  • Devorah Friedman
  • Sarah Shamtoob
  • Deena Rosenblatt
  • Pola Olka
  • Nilofar Kashanirokh
  • Lea Bitton
  • Gabrielle Glik
  • Dalia Frend
  • Talia Gabbai
  • Tzivia Raboy
  • Tahlia Silverman
  • Leah Albhari-Katz
  • Judith Kramer
  • Sandra Saber
  • Ilana Yarmak
  • Hannah Black
  • Sappir Golan
  • Shlomit Harel
  • Shani Palmari
  • Sharon Saeidian

VTHS Menlo Family Boys Division

  • Nathaniel Cohen
  • Avi Dear
  • Eli Harel
  • David Schrage
  • Benjamin Kiaei
  • Yosef Yasmeh
  • Aryton Hardy
  • Yehuda Judah
  • Eli Kawas
  • Binyamin Silver
  • Avner Silver
  • Elisha Kramer
  • Moshe Reich
  • Kian Yaghoubnejad
  • Katriel Sigala
  • David Reich
  • Yaakov Shapiro
  • Gabriel Eissakharian
  • Michael Farnoosh
  • Yaakov Davidow
  • Shahin Shahravan
  • Raphael Rosenberg
  • Avikhae Gholian
  • Yakov Kopel
  • Aryeh Istrin
  • Idan Elmaleh
  • Benjamin Israel
  • Zev Teitelbaum
  • Jacob Khorramian
  • Nathan Feldman
  • Yosef Grundman
  • Avraham Sloves
  • Jake Stibelman
  • Natanel Tzion
  • Ezra Teitelbaum

Rosh Chodesh Adar

Tonight is the first night of Adar. Purim is just around the corner. Here is last year’s Purim Video (pictures from Purim 5768). Enjoy!


Shabbos Mishpatim

There will be a Shalom Zachar this Shabbos for Rabbi & Mrs. Josh (BMNA) Kramer’s baby boy at the home of Noach (’99) & Yehudis (’99) Weisman (12654 Martha).

This week’s Mussar HaTorah.

This week’s Shabbos Schedule.


2nd Generation Wedding

Mazel tov to Gene (’80) & Rosy (’82) Fogel on their daughter Racheli’s marriage to Yaakov Bryks.


Rabbi Krohn at VTHS

Rabbi Paysach Krohn – a famous author and captivating speaker – addressed the VTHS Menlo Family Boys Division this morning. He will be addressing the Menlo Family Girls Division later in the day.


Mishpatim – You’ve Been Called to the Dean’s Office

This is the tenth segment of the new weekly video series from Rabbi Stulberger – You’ve Been Called to the Dean’s Office. It’s a short (three minute) message on a timely Torah topic. This week’s message: “Who Revealed the Secret?


Boys Div. Newspaper, Issue 4

Read the latest issue of the Boys Division Student Newspaper: The VT Times, Issue 4.


4M4U.COME a Marvelous, Magnificent, Melave Malka

The Valley Torah Menlo Family Girls Division hosted 4M4U.COME, a Marvelous, Magnificent, Melave Malka so that Valley Torah girls and eighth grade girls throughout the city could Meet, Marvel, Mingle and Munch!

The evening began soon after Shabbos as the Valley Torah set-up crew arrived to decorate the Shaarey Zedek Social Hall. The hall was transformed into a sea of turquoise and pink! Mimes welcomed all of the guests and guided everyone to their tables for the Seuda.The Melave Malka buffet of salad, pasta, and wraps was elegantly presented and enjoyed by all.

After the seuda, Valley Torah girls and their guests pondered the halachic issues presented in several everyday scenarios. Rabbi Stulberger, Rabbi Biron and Rabbi Solomon presented the Psak Halacha for each of the sheilos, some of which were quite surprising. As Rabbi Stulberger pointed out, we learn from this how important it is to always clarify issues by consulting with Daas Torah.

After learning, the room went dark, lights began flashing, and Mrs. Weiner broke out the Seers, Runners, Builders activity. Our Melave Malka Heads, Hila Sage and Ilana Drubach had created a Clown from such materials as boxes, yarn and balloons. Which team could most closely recreate this clown? The challenge: Only one person on each team could actually SEE the clown. The SEER could describe the clown to the team RUNNER. And the RUNNER could then describe what she heard to the BUILDERS! There was lots of excitement as the girls raced to accurately create their clown, until time was called and the winners announced!

The evening ended with a dessert buffet and another chance for all the girls to mingle with their classmates and new friends.

Many thanks to Melava Malka heads Hila Sage and Ilana Drubach for their hard work. Thanks to Mrs. Sage for the beautiful centerpieces , which added so much to the atmosphere! Thank you to Mrs. Grossman, and to all of the VT teachers who helped with this event. And last but not least, thanks to all of the Valley Torah girls who worked so hard to make this event such a fun and successful evening!


Mazel Tov – It’s a Girl!

Mazel tov to Pouya Farzadfar (’03) on the birth of a baby girl!